Geek Girls Rule! #339 – Because Cap Being a secret Nazi is more acceptable than Cap being Queer.

So, yeah, this is my big beef lately, ok, one of them.  Earlier this year Marvel signed off on a storyline turning Cap (and Sarah Rogers, grrrrrrr) into fucking Hydra, but the idea of Cap being gay or bisexual is verboten.

Bullshit is what that is.

Yeah, this one’s gonna get sweary.

This is my Captain America.

Why on earth is it more “acceptable” to turn the character created by two Jewish men into ostensibly a Nazi, than to have him love his best friend or any other dude?  On what fucking planet is that more acceptable? Because I don’t want to live on it.

If you remotely think it is more acceptable to turn an icon of Jewish hope into a Nazi than it is for him to suck cock, get out.  I’m not kidding.  I have no place here or anywhere in my life for people  who think hate is more acceptable than love.  Period. Full stop.

And don’t think anything remotely like an apology is ever going to be forthcoming for the above statement.

I’ve been thinking on this as a while, and what this whole situation has pointed out to me is how incredibly toxic our society as a whole is when it comes to love and sex in general, to queer love and sex in particular.  A bunch of cis, het, white dudes thought they could escape repercussions from turning Cap into a fucking Nazi, but are terrified at the mere thought of depicting him as someone who touches weiners because he’s attracted to them.

Grow the fuck up, guys.  Seriously.  Get over this raging case of homophobia and let the subtext breathe.  Good gods.

This rant brought to you by the letters “fuck this election and fuck Trump and his Neo-Nazi supporters.”

Also thanks for emboldening those fuckheads even a little more. Get bent.

Also, for any homophobic shitheads out there thinking Cap would remotely be on your side, look up the storyline with Arnie Roth (gay and Jewish, gasp!) in it.  And also Cap’s run as Nomad.

You’re welcome.

Rant over.

Everyone have a fantastic Friendsgiving and Turkey Day.  We’ll be with friends we consider family, then come home and feed cats turkey for their own Turkey Day.

I live for leftover turkey sammiches.

Now I’m going to go back to listening to hair metal and studying for a certification test.

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