The Geek Girls What Rule!

GunMickey Schulz is the Geek Girl What Rules!  She lives in Seattle, WA with the Geek Husband What Rules, several Cats What Rule, a Hedgehog What Rules, and a pretty awesome tank of tropical fish.  She plays and writes RPGs, writes SF/F and horror, records the podcasts Geek Girls Rule! and the Geek Sisterhood (for Gaming Radio Network with Sophie Lagace).  She also knits, cross-stitches, needlepoints, fences, goes to the gym, gardens and in her spare time has a full-time day job.  She has also been the track head for Alternate Lifestyles programming at NorwesCon in the Seattle area for the last couple of years.

Danielle Ni Dhighe is a geek girl of long duration.  She’s also queer in many different senses of the word, which inevitably leads her to seek out the different and the unique.  Seeing Star Wars in 1977 was her first step on the Path of Geek, a journey that continues to this day and hopefully will continue for as long as she draws breath.  Comic books (she has a collection approaching 7,000 issues), science fiction, and fantasy are her lifeblood, and she earns money to feed her geeky addictions by working in the field of technical support.  She’s also a huge SF movie and TV fan, including, but not limited to Dr. Who, Torchwood, Buffy, and Battlestar Galactica.

Jennifer Doering has been a Doctor Who fan since she saw “Seeds of Doom” as a Kindergartener. It scared her silly when she saw a crynoid fossil at the Field Museum in Chicago, and she did what any sensible child would do: ran screaming the other way. She’s been a hardcore Doctor Who fan ever since. She’s currently finishing her DMA in music composition, and one of her research interests is video game theory, specifically persistent worlds and open-ended (non-binary) games. When not working on her dissertation, Jennifer enjoys sleeping, knitting, reading, and caffeine.

Tammy Mickelson started doing Live Action Role Play (LARP) at the tender age of 31.  She has been making up for a gaming deprived childhood ever since.  Until a few years ago, her role play experience had primarily been in the White Wolf “World of Darkness” Vampire and Changeling settings in the Camarilla fan club.  Then she joined an all girl role playing group that meets monthly and has played a variety of table top games including:  Victorian Vampire/Faery, Teenagers from Outerspace, Firefly, Unhallowed Metropolis, Shadowlands Cyberpunk, Steampunk, and at least one game of Don’t Rest Your Head.  She finds it all delightful and enjoys the fact that she’s living up to the ideal:  “I may be getting older but I refuse to grow up!”

Thanks to her roommate, the Enabler (aka The Geek Girl What Rules), she is also discovering the joys of Wii gaming and is currently thoroughly addicted to Animal Crossing.  That Cat Mafia (whom she lives with) would like you to know that this is cutting into their cat playing time and they are most displeased by their Auntie’s obsession with that game.  In addition to catering to cats and playing games she enjoys making beaded jewelry, various crafts, sewing, reading (sci/fi fantasy, mysteries and horror being her favorite genres), costuming, and belly dancing.

10 thoughts on “The Geek Girls What Rule!

  1. I’ve been catching up on you podcast, I just got to episode 11, and I wanted to answer your question on what “lemon” means in fanfic. It’s watersports, urine play. It’s not my thing, but I understand it comes from the gay slang lemon party for watersports parties. The lemon party joke in 30 Rock was hilarious.

    I also wanted to question you on your several discussions about men excluding women from gaming. First I agree that there is no good reason to marginalize women and their contributions. I wonder how you feel on just having single gender gatherings? Would you be ok with men excluding women from some activity not to marginalize, but to just have other men?

    I love to hear a mention in the next episode, or feel free to email me, I’d be interested in discussing this and your thoughts on facets of evolutionary psychology.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on “Lemon” I have a tendency to avoid fics if I can’t figure out what they are… It’s saner that way.

    As for Evo Psych… I have a deep and abiding loathing for what passes for that particular “science” right now. It mostly amounts to attempting to excuse egregious behavior genetically, with which I am not down.

  3. I agree that the use of evo psych to support statements like Johnny T’s is similar to the how the Nazi’s used eugenics. You like that, 0 to Nazi in one sentence? It’s just an excuse to argue “girls are icky, and I’m scared of them”.

    But much like the basis of eugenics led to greater understanding and genetics as a whole. Evo pysch can lead to a greater understanding of the differences between men and women. Not that there are many, nor are they very important aside from medical concerns.

    Using evo psych to claim women leaders would be more gentle, and kinder that male leaders is stereotyping women and marginalizing men. But it would seems that women work in groups without a clear leader a little better then most men. Women just seem to coordinate with less of the destructive posturing of men. There’s not less posturing, it’s just different.

    In an alternate vein, the claim that men aren’t in touch with their feelings is an oversimplification. Men are not out of touch with their emotions, just like women aren’t dominated by their emotions. Each sex has a slightly different relationship with themselves and the world around them.

    What are you thoughts on what I feel is a more nuanced view of evo psych?

  4. I’ve been catching up on you podcast, I just got to episode 11, and I wanted to answer your question on what “lemon” means in fanfic. It’s watersports, urine play. It’s not my thing, but I understand it comes from the gay slang lemon party for watersports parties. The lemon party joke in 30 Rock was hilarious

    Sorry, I was just checking out your info here (I’m working on organizing my site and I want to link up some blogs I’ve enjoyed reading on comics and other geeky-things). Lemon does not mean watersports–at least not in most fanfic circles. It may very well come from gay slang but I can say that if I had read about golden showers in highschool I probably would have been scared for life.

    In my experience a fanfic labled “lemon” means simply that there is sex–perhaps its a “plot? what plot?” aka “pwp” or maybe its just a fic that includes a “lemon” or sex scene. I haven’t seen it as often as I used to, but its very unspecific about the kinks that may be inside that lemon (most often I’ve found it to be relatively straight forward or vanilla). A “lime”, meanwhile, denotes implied sex–or a scene that goes right up to sex and then fades-to-black.

    Again, I haven’t seen a fic labeled as “lemon” in quite some time, I no longer read the same fandoms as I used to, and this might have changed. But if you’re looking at an older archive that has “lemons” I’d take a look before running away(presuming you don’t mind a bit of sex in your reading).

  5. GeekGirl —

    Sorry to put this on your “about” page, but I just read your comment on Harpyness. I’m from Boise, and I wanted to say I’m really sorry to hear the same crap is still going on there. It just seemed like someone ought to apologize.

    And I like your site. Very cool stuff.

  6. I discoverd this podcast by pure accident. I was looking for new gaming related ‘casts and branch into other geek related ones and saw the title and said “yes…geek girls do. The world needs more of them”. I am loving the series so for. #3 as a man….soooooo educational! I am finishing up #4 and lauging my ass off hearing the teens talk. Them whippersnappers are crazy 🙂 Any geeks in the NoVa/DC/MD area what up.

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