Geek Girls Rule! #654 – Updates and Socializing in a Time of Social-Distancing

Dad’s about halfway through his radiation treatments, which means that he and my mom drive into downtown Seattle every weekday and go to a hospital, which is a risk, but it’s that or the potential return of his brain tumor, soooo…  They’re being super careful at the hospital.

Ok, so I am more likely to want to stay home than leave my house on any given day, but even I’m getting twitchy.  Hell, even the Martian, who has been known to not leave the house for weeks or months at a time even before this took a 7 hour road trip to run down to Portland, drop a box of computers off on someone’s porch, and drive back because HE needed out of the house.

It’s one thing to want to stay home.

It’s another to not be able to leave.

We are still driving over to a local mall and sitting in the parking lot so I can hit pokestops.

My sister and I text every day.

In addition to phone and text there are other ways to stay in contact.

FaceTime, Zoom (a free account on Zoom will let you have a 40 minute video call), Google Video Hangouts , Roll20 for gaming, Discord.

So you can still stay in touch and even game.  I hear Twitch is pretty great for distance gaming, too, although I have no experience with it.

There’s Storium for text based gaming.

I’m making an effort to post on most of my social medias on a regular basis.  A. So people know I’m alive.  B. Because it’s a way to stay in touch and get some contact.

In other news, I can highly recommend WitchBaby‘s Angel Body Butter for moisturizing over-washed hands.  Seriously, you guys.  My hands are wrecked, but the WitchBaby’s body butter helps SO MUCH!!!

We’re also watching the second season of Harley Quinn on DC Unlimited, and still loving it.

Ok, I’m going to go self care for awhile.

How else are you all staying connected?

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2 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #654 – Updates and Socializing in a Time of Social-Distancing

  1. I’ve reconnected with more of my old introverted ways, reading more, and writing a ton. I’ve found that I don’t miss as many people as I thought. That said, I live with my family, so I always have someone to talk to. I feel like I remember who I used to be, which is nice. How’s your dad?

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