Geek Girls Rule! #665 – A Rare Political Post

This post and the next one or two are being posted out of order to address what is happening right now in the world.  

I’m just going to say it:  If you do not believe that Black Lives Matter, or want to come at me with that “All Lives” crap, just go.  I do not need your money or your friendship.

See, because until Black Lives actually Matter, All Lives don’t matter.

Ok, I’m just going to stop here.  I’m mad and not real coherent.

Just go donate to bail funds, the Seattle chapter of Black Lives Matter has one.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund.

The Chicago Bond Fund

Atlanta, GA bail fund.

And the folks I send the most money to Antifa International Legal Defense Fund.  I suspect they’ll be seeing a big uptick in asks after this.

If you can’t go to the protests for whatever reason, then send money.  They’re gonna need it.

I’m not posting my links, because other people need your money more.

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