Geek Girls Rule! #327 – Why Ghostbusters and Captain America are a false equivalency

I know, sweetie. I feel this way, too. “Bernadeta” by Roland Lakis on Wikimedia Commons

This is a more refined version of something I said on a friend’s G+ thread.

 For me the re-booting or re-telling of a property needs to involve respect for the source material. Which is one of the reasons I loved The Force Awakens, because JJ Abrams obviously loves the original Star Wars, while he does not have the same love and respect for the old Star Trek. And it shows.

The new Ghostbusters has won the approval of Dan Akroyd, the guy who created the original. Bill Murray does a cameo in it. I think it’s safe to say that the new Ghostbusters probably has a higher likelihood of respecting the source material than the shenanigans with Cap (reference GGR #325). Sadly, we can’t ask Cap’s creators because they’ve long since passed. But given who they were, I doubt it highly. Especially when you read this statement by Buzz Dixon who knew Kirby.

People (mostly dudes) are upset about the new Ghostbusters because it has women in it and they seem to feel like only dudes have ever loved or will ever love Ghostbusters, and that this is a betrayal because their gender isn’t front and center. They feel like Ghostbusters belonged to them, and now girls are taking away their toys.  I have news for them, it wasn’t only dudes that loved Ghostbusters.  It’s still in my top three favorite movies of all time.  The other two are Labyrinth and Real Genius.

With Cap, it’s like they’re taking this character that has belonged to people who want to hope, who want to do and be better, and decided it’s time the racists and white supremacists got to play. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like Cap hasn’t been racist in the past, with all those years spent fighting the “yellow menace” and various other ethnic factions. But the core concept of Cap, even with the racism of the times in which he was written, has been wanting America to be better, still being that kid from Brooklyn who wouldn’t walk away from a fight or leave someone undefended. That’s what the Nomad storyline was about, about walking away from the title Captain America because America was doing things of which he did not approve and could not in good conscience condone.

So, yeah, no one’s actually turning the Ghostbusters into Necromancers or people trying to call up the forces of darkness. The message is the same: Ghostbusters bust ghosts, regardless of gender.

The same cannot be said for the Cap shenanigans.

Not to mention the awful thing it does with Sarah Rogers and turning her complicit with Hydra. Just EWWWWWWW!!!!!!! Stop it.  I almost think that bugs me more than any other part of this.  The whole idea that Sarah Rogers of all people would do that.  It seriously gives me the issues, and makes me wonder who has mommy issues.

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