Geek Girls Rule! #325 – Captain America is not a Nazi

Marvel stupidYeah, I got sucked into the drama caused by this interview.  And no I’m not posting the picture, because it pisses me off and my blood pressure is high enough.

Look, so many people have said it more eloquently, and I’ll round those up at the bottom of this post.  But I’m going to say it in straightforward, plain English:  Marvel, you done fucked up.

Look, I know someone on your staff thought, “This’ll be edgy!”

No.  No, there is nothing edgy about twists where you take our heroes and disappoint us with them.  You’ve been doing it on the regular since the mid 80s at least, and I, for one am sick and tired of my hobbies telling me how stupid I am for liking superheroes for the reasons I like superheroes instead of “ironically,” whatever you pathetic hipsters at Marvel think that means.

Captain America was created by two JEWISH guys who had to change their names to avoid antisemitism, to be a symbol of what America should have been instead of the isolationist shitheads who ignored Hitler until he got Hirohito to sign on and HE decided he couldn’t just let the sleeping apathetic lion lie.  Yup, right up until Pearl Harbor got bombed, America was A-ok with letting Hitler exterminate the Jewish people, and it wasn’t German Americans catching heat in the streets here, unless they happened to also be Jewish.

Steve Rogers was created to be what America could and should be, not to be a mirror of what we are.

And I’m really not ok with that symbol of what is good about America being a Nazi, even if people try to equivocate, “Well, Hydra isn’t as linked to Nazis in the comic-verse, so…”  No, we’ve firmly established in most of the popular mind that Hydra are Nazis who didn’t think Hitler was going far enough.

You know, I’m just going to let people a lot more eloquent than I am capable of being right now take this one.  I’m way too angry, and I just keep reverting to a stream of profanity that would make a Marine drill sergeant blush.


Michale Montoure on Bloodletters – Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape

Jessica Plummer on – On Steve Rogers #1, Antisemitism, and Publicity Stunts

Rowan Cota on Intersectional Feminism, Geekdom and Cupcakes – Some Thoughts on Captain America

Rowan Cota on the Girlsplained podcast – #20 Captain America the Cultural Golem

Rowan Cota in a G+ post – The Letter I Sent to Marvel. on All Hail – On Nazi Rogers, and Why Comic Books are for the Old

And basically if you read that last one without crying, you have no soul.

My last word is, Ok, Comics Industry, we get it.  You secretly hate us and want us to feel bad for wanting to believe in heroic heroes instead of brooding anti-heroes.  Great, I’m immature or unevolved, or whatever you want to call me.  I’ll cop to it as long as you give me back Steve Rogers.

Also, isn’t right before Memorial Day a shit time to try to make Cap a Nazi?  Why fool around though, you could have done it on May 8th and hit V-E Day, as well.  UGH.


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