Geek Girls Rule! #340 – Geek Fashion: Bombsheller

So, I first met one of the Bombshellers at the first Geek Girl Con at which I did panels, she was part of the group talking with Kelly Sue DeConnick after the Fat Girl Fat Fan panel.   The gist of that panel was that there are a lot of plus size nerds out there with money to spend and, yes, nerd retailers, they would like to spend it on your shit.

Shortly after that, Bombsheller began looking into making their amazing leggings in plus sizes.  And part of the process of creating for that many sizes was fitting parties. They put out the word that they would like people, all sizes but mostly plus size, to come to the fitting parties to be measured, wear the prototypes around for a little while to see how they fit, move around in them, dance around in them.

Initially, I think they were shooting to a 3X, but then they started getting bigger women showing up at these parties.  So they made bigger leggings.

Now they have sizes XS – 6X, and near as I can tell, they all fit wonderfully.

#CircuitBoard leggings

I wear a 1X to 2X.  I have to tell you, these leggings fit better than any other legging I have ever owned.  You put them on, and they stay where you put them, with minimal hitching or readjusting.  The fabric is comfortable and moisture wicking.  You can work out, bend, move around without them sliding down your ass.

They are a little pricey, but well worth it.  I have three pairs now, and plan to get more.

They also hold the licenses to make leggings in several different nerd properties, including Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Bitch Planet leggings.  I already own the black and white Non-Compliant leggings.  I am thinking I may need the floral on black version as well.  They make leggings for several Dark Horse Comics properties.  I almost picked up a pair of the Lady Killer leggings.  There’s always their Talk Nerdy to me collection, with original designs. They have a huge selection of other original designs as well.

And they are exceptional human beings who recognizes that size should not be a barrier to style or workout clothes.

Holy shit, you guys!  I just saw these!  And these!!  Well, fuck.  There goes any chance of saving money I had.

Now, not every design comes in every size.  I’m not sure if that’s a thing that will come later, or if it’s artist dependent.  I’ll see if I can rustle up some answers for you guys.

But seriously, these are hands down, the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn.  Yeah, with prices from $69 – $94, they aren’t cheap.  But they are worth it.

And Bombsheller is what happens when retailers listen to what potential customers are looking for.  One of the women who worked there when I attended the first fitting parties told me that part of the reason she was excited about them doing plus-sized leggings was so her sister could wear them, something she’d been a part of.  And when they had one of their twice a year Sample sales, the crowd was predominantly people of size, not just women either.  The Best GirlFriend in the World and I hit that sale this weekend.  I was good and only bought two pairs, but oh, man was that hard.  I think next paycheck I’m going to get either the Floral Bitch Planet leggings or the #DutchFloral leggings, possibly the #BlackIce leggings, which remain one of my favorite designs.

Bombsheller create everything to order on site.  There is no sweatshop labor involved, just a bunch of adorably arty, kind of nerdy hipsters in a space on Seattle’s Queen Anne hill.


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