Geek Girls Rule! #329 – More Captain America Stuff

See, look.  I was all mature and did not use the word “shit” in the title.  Look at me, being an adult.

Ok, so this piece about how maybe the Nazi Captain America is the racist “hero” we deserve.


No, not with Cap.

Look, I get it.  You’re trying to salvage this steaming pile of crap, or explain why someone would do this.  You’re grasping at poop covered straws, like “maybe this is to shine a spotlight on the racist, sexist comic fans out there.”

As I said on G+, if you really want to shine a light on those assholes, you make Steve Rogers bisexual and put him in a relationship with Sam Wilson, and let those assholes spotlight themselves with their shitty behavior.

You do not destroy what my friend Rowan referred to as a “cultural golem” created by two Jewish men during Hitler’s regime when Jewish people were being killed on an industrial level.  You do not do that.  That remains not ok.

It’s not punishing racists to see their secret desires on the pages of comics.  It punishes the rest of us, the ones who love Cap unironically.  We’re the ones being punished.  The racists, they’re sitting around like, “All right, I knew it!”  While from the less racist, yet equally privileged, we hear the more common refrain of “Just give it time, they’ll fix it.”

I’m tired of “giving it time, they’ll fix it.”  How about they just quit pulling stupid, shitty, adolescent crap they wind up having to apologize for (badly) later?  I’m pretty sure we’d all be happier.  And I think the author of that article gives Nick Spencer WAY too much credit for self-awareness.

This was little more than a sad attempt to “shock” us into buying more comics.

What it has done is just the opposite.  I’m having a hard time giving Marvel money, and the Geek Husband What Rules and I are going to be having a hard talk about our Marvel Unlimited subscription.  And I doubt we’re the only ones.  That kind of breaks my heart, because they were starting to do so good with Ms. Marvel and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and Captain Marvel.

I am tired of my hobbies kicking me for liking them.

I’m not willing to be shot in the heart so a little blood spatter hopefully hits the assholes.

Because I don’t know if you noticed this, but the assholes aren’t the ones upset by this.

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