Geek Girls Rule! #656 – Things That Have Not Aged Well.

I know I’ve talked about the original Battlestar Galactica before, I mean, not even heavy narcotics could help that.

The Martian just tried to watch the Buck Rogers TV show from the late 70s/early 80s.

I think he lasted almost an episode.

About 2/3 of the way through he came out to rant.

There was a lot of ranting, you guys.

I am not even going to try it. I want to retain my pleasant memories of that show.

The other day I got a hankering to listen to some Uncle Bansai.  Uncle Bansai  a folk music group that may or may not be based in the Pacific Northwest.  They met at Bennington College in Vermont, and even if they weren’t based here, they played here a lot.

I loved them so much in my late teens.  One of my best friends from high school took me to see them, and I listened to their first three albums obsessively for years.

So, the other day I decide to look them up on Spotify.

Not all of the songs aged poorly.

But several of them made me visibly cringe when I started to sing along, and would hit a lyric that was just, um, not good.

Most of my favorites are ok to fine.

But at least one made me just stop cold and yell, “Oh My Gods!”

The big ones were:

“Penis Envy,” where the female singers sing about what they would do if they had a penis, including “force it on females.”


Then the song, “Fat Boys,” is not body shaming of fat men, but also not super complimentary, and kind of nasty toward “skinny men.”

Andrew’s song, “I’ve got a Heart Ache,” is a Nice Guy ™ anthem.  As is the song, “Midas Touch.”

Now several of the songs are fine or even still great. “Lois Lane,” about Lois Lane not knowing Clark Kent was Superman is still hilarious.  “My Father’s House,” is fantastic.  And “One in a Million,” is great.  “Ashley’s Little Blues,” is really nice.  “Billboard Love” is a little dated. “Suzie,” and several others are all still good, but the ones that fall flat are, it’s bad, guys.

Also, they have one song that is just such a time capsule now, about K-Mart.

I’ve won open mic nights singing “One in a Million” and “Ashley’s Little Blues,”  And I still really like those songs.  I just think I might need to curate that playlist a little tighter than I realized.

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