Geek Girls Rule! #657 – Some Sort of Reviews

Yet again the Geek Husband What Rules saves my life by not letting me follow through on impulse buys.

The other day he was on Wish and saw a pair of pajama type pants printed with Nicholas Cage’s face all over them.

My immediate instinct was, “How much are they? I am totally buying them for Amnesiak and Gray Pawn.”

He didn’t let me do that.

See, a couple of years ago for Christmas, I bought them Nicholas Cage printed pillowcases.  I ordered them, and had them sent to their house, then messaged Lesley from the Girl Game, who happens to be married to Amnesiak, and said, “I want to apologize before their presents get to the house.  I am very, truly and sincerely sorry for what you are about to see.”

I am a firm believer in buying people the presents they deserve…

So I told Amnesiak to let her know that for her birthday, the GHWR didn’t let me buy him Nic Cage pants.

In COVID-19 news, still healthy.

You know how I was going to take a month off…

Well, that’s turned into a week.  I have a new job lined up, waiting on the offer letter.  Because I am bad at not having a job apparently.

Damn, I was really looking forward to having some time to really work on stuff.  Ugh.

I don’t want to say what it is, because I don’t want to jinx it.

I’m watching a A LOT of documentaries on the tablet while working.  I finished Museum Secrets.  I watched Medieval Dead which was actually super interesting.  I just re-watched Nightmares in Red, White and Blue because it is one of my most favorite horror documentaries of all time.  I’m currently watching VHS Massacre, which talks about the death of physical media and what that means for indie film producers, like most action and horror films in the 80s and early 90s.

I blame Stephen King’s Danse Macabre and Terror in the Aisles for my love of horror documentaries. I was hoping Terror in the Aisles would be streaming, but I can also imagine what a licensing nightmare that likely is.  (links are Amazon Associate links)

Honestly, I think the internet could and should be a bigger boon to the Indie producers if they can figure out the right marketing.  I mean, there are places like Crypt TV and Shudderthat need content.  I still need to watch stuff on Shudder.  Maybe tomorrow is listen to horror movies while I write documentation day.   But the problem I think all small producers have is the sheer signal to noise ratio of the internet.  Unless you have the money to blast everyone with advertising, it can be hard to get any attention as a small producer of anything.

But yeah, there has to be a way.  I think things like Shudder and Crypt TV are a good start.  Indieflix was good for a hot minute (a friend of mine worked there), but not commercially viable.

Ok, I should go.  Hit me up if you want more info on horror documentaries.

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