Geek Girls Rule! #655 – Review: Museum Secrets

First, has anyone else encountered Eugene in ACNH?  He’s a Koala, who dresses like the Rat Pack, and feels a little, um, sleazy?

In related news, my avatar in that game is currently dressed like a Korean Boy Band member.

Sooo, my new obsession is Museum Secrets (Amazon Associates link) on Amazon Prime Video.  I have no idea if this was made by them or someone else, but I’m kind of in love with this show.

A. It has actually taught me some history that I did not know.  RUSSIAN history I did not know.

B. Apart from the very sensationalist narration, it’s really well-researched and well-written.  I mean, the narration isn’t badly written, it’s just delivered very, um, breathlessly and declaratively.

First, and I don’t know when this was declassified, but there is a fair amount of evidence that Rasputin was killed by an English espionage agent.  Which, that was cool.  Then they talked about Catherine the Great’s bully operated dining room system, which I had no idea!  They showed how it worked at her Summer palace, which looks like a gods damned cake.  The segment on what happened with the Hermitage during the siege of Leningrad was heartbreaking.  I knew a lot of that from being a Russian History grad student, and also from the film The Russian Ark.  Seriously, if you ever get a chance to see The Russian Ark, it’s beautiful.  It is actually done in one continuous shot. Not edited, nothing.  They had to start over several ties.

OMG!!!  The Russian Ark is available on Amazon Prime!!!!!!!

Ok, sorry, off topic.

I’m partway through the second season, and loving the hell out of this show.  The narration style bugs the crap out of the Geek Husband What Rules, but even he had to admit that apart from that, the show was cool.

We just finished one on the Berlin Museum where they were talking about the Ulthbert swords (I probably spelled that wrong), and that while several survive, they have found several shattered, and chemical analysis revealed that the shattered ones were period produced forgeries.

If you’re into history, I highly recommend this series.  The episode where they talk to the guy in the British Natural History museum about the things they produced for the war effort, like bombs that fit in dead rats, was super fascinating.

Honestly, I have not been bored during an episode yet.

Highly recommend.

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