Geek Girls Rule! #647 – Things I have Learned in Self-Isolation

Currently, still healthy.  Cats are ecstatic.  I can log in remotely on my Mac, but cannot get to my desktop. I should be able to, but that hasn’t worked, and I need to try again on my PC.

I have placed links to free coloring pages at the bottom of the page.

The Geek Husband What Rules and I have been obsessed with Drawfee still.  Apart from catching up on Brooklyn 99, it’s all we’ve watched. Right now we’re watching their “Creating a bad JRPG” series.  Oh, so funny…

I promise that before Wednesday I will watch or read something else and post a review on Wednesday.  I promise.

Now on to the list of things I have learned in Social or rather Physical-Isolation.

Also, before I do that, does anyone want to do an online hang out or get together or something at some point?  As I told an extrovert friend who was losing her shit already, “Yeah, I’m an introvert, and I’M getting twitchy.”

On to the list:

1. Starting a new kettlebell workout routine still hurts.
2. I eat less when I’m at home than when I’m at work.
3. I really don’t like working from home.
4. Sleeping cats will wake up to yowl In the background of your conference call.  Also, that is when the refrigerator repair guy will show up.
5. I have a limited amount of patience for togetherness, and am approaching that limit rapidly.
6. I have already cleaned out my closet and dresser,.  I’m considering doing it again.
7. While I’m not a fan of working from home, I’m getting used to never wearing a bra or real pants.
8. I have a lot of nerdy t-shirts with no neckline.
9. I have washed my hands so many times that I can feel them cracking.
10. The Enemy of Sleep hates my Strawberry Body Butter.

Honestly, I think I prefer working in an office.  The commute provides a nice divider between working for other people and working for myself and downtime.  I’m trying to schedule my workouts to take the place of the commute with  moderate success.  That would be easier if I would quit getting work calls when I log off instead of that being a siren call to some people.  It’s like I email everyone, “Going offline, have a nice night!” reminds them of whatever it is they haven’t thought to ask me about all freaking day.

I do have to put on a real shirt today (Monday), as we have a Zoom meeting, complete with video I suspect.

So, yes, I will watch something and review it for Wednesday.  I promise.

I am going to try to login to my desktop one more time tonight.  Also, re-write the directions the IT guy sent us, because they are not good.

Ok.  I’ll have more actual content for you later.

And do let me know if you are interested in an online hangout.  I’m getting a little twitchy already.  I mean, sure, I never go anywhere.  But usually that’s my choice.

Talk to you later.

Ooooo!  One more thing.  Liz Climo has a free coloring book for download.

Also, dozens of museums are offering free coloring pages as well.

If you need more coloring fodder, head over to Instagram and check out various artist feeds.  A lot of them are offering free coloring pages.

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