Geek Girls Rule! #646 – Day 3 of my Confinement…

I’m not sure whether to go for more of a Yellow Wallpaper or Captive Cat flavor here.

But I have a job that I can do from home.  I have remote access.  And, yeah…

My kid sister is now laid off, well, “on stand-by” so she can get unemployment while they wait and see if they can weather this storm.

This is literally the first time in my lifetime that shit like this has happened in this country.  Because in the past the government tested and quarantined people at the first hint of pandemic issues.

Sorry, I’m still grumpy that this could have been prevented, but someone’s pride and greed were more important that the health of the citizens of this country.

Ok, I’ll stop.

In a minute… I work with doctors.  I’ve worked with infectious disease docs, and I was working with them when H1N1 happened. And SARS.  Actively working in a medical center then, I was less worried than I am now, holed up in my house with my fuzzy office assistants to entertain me.

Speaking of fuzzy office assistants, the Enemy of Sleep is snuggled up next to my thigh right now.

So, the rest of this post is going to be a plea those of you who have cash, to go online, seek out artists and other small businesses you like, and support them.  They are the ones hurt worst by this.

The University Bookstore, a local chain own by a co-op of students and other employees is offering free shipping on all their books.

Gargoyles Statuary is offering free US Shipping on t-shirts.  And in store pick up for locals, to limit exposure.

My good friend TMOriginals has some designs on Redbubble.  And can also do custom orders on her own website.  On her Instagram she’s offering cat butt stickers.  They’re adorable.  You may have seen her vending at Geek Girl Con or ECCC before.

DragonWolf Crafts is another friend, and amazing jewelry crafter.  You should definitely check her out.

If you are in the Seattle area and hungry, the crew at the Kraken is offering their amazing smoked meat menu for curbside pick up.  Seriously, their smoked meats are AMAZING and you should definitely check it out.

Norwescon will be building a virtual marketplace of sorts to help out the vendors and artists that would have been selling at the convention.  So check out their site for that.

I will post more things to help out friends as I become aware of them.

I am also posting “Working Remotely Daily Fashion” on my Instagram. Ok, I started that today.  You can see my impressive collection of nerd t-shirts with ripped out necklines.  If you’re lucky, I’ll include shots of the nerd-patterned tights and leggings I’m wearing.

All right, I apologize for letting this one slip.  The world has gotten very weird, and it’s throwing me off my game.

Ok.  I think we’re going to watch more Drawfee.  That Youtube channel has become my happy place.

Maybe I’ll post an extra video as an apology.  It is wicked quiet around here.  I’m not sure how to cope.

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