Geek Girls Rule! #612 – Star Wars

You know that post I did about not actually being over Marvel?

Here is the Star Wars counterpart.

I am not militant about spoilers.  I think if a movie is ruined because you know what happens, it isn’t a very good movie.  It’s like how movies that rely on jump scares are not actually scary.

That said, if I never see another “leaked scene” or “leaked plot point” article about Star Wars, it will be too fucking soon.  Honestly, like I said, I’m not militant about spoilers, but lately I feel like I may be changing my mind on that.  At the risk of sounding like some kind of pre-internet Luddite, I miss the days when you couldn’t be as inundated with information about upcoming films.

Back to Star Wars.  I have seen every Star Wars movie except for Solo, in the theater.  I saw Episode IV when it first came out.  I dressed as Leia for Halloween, and had the 18 inch Leia doll.  I adore Star Wars.

And again, because of the constant buzz of hand-wringing and wailing from the Sad-Boy Brigade, I really don’t know if I still want to see it.  And this is while desperately avoiding all of the spoiler or “spoiler” articles.  If it has Star Wars in the title right now, I don’t even finish reading the title.  But it should not be as hard as it has become to avoid toxic man-baby whining or spoilers.

I mean, at least my stupid Google feed thing is also starting to list articles from The Mary Sue, as well.  But, honestly, I don’t want to read about the new movie there either.

Look, spoilers, leaks, whatever, we do not know what we’re going to get from the movie until it comes out.  Seriously, shit frequently gets massively changed in post-production. You just don’t know, and all this standing around jacking (or Jill-ing) off about it is just wearying.

Look, I will talk for hours about shit that’s out.  I love conducting media post-mortems.  I will happily dissect plot points, themes, intentional and unintentional commentary for hours.  But the giant speculation rodeo that we have going on these days is just annoying.

And I’ll be honest, I don’t know why it annoys me so much.  Maybe it’s the fact that we don’t know what we don’t know until the movie comes out and all the speculating is pointless.  Maybe it’s because every time I get my hopes up, they’re dashed by thoughtless sexism.  I mean, the previous movies have been doing really well at not falling back into the sexist tropes that drive me bonkers.  But that makes me even more afraid to get my hopes up.  This terror that we’re just being set up for an even bigger fall.

I will likely go see the next Star Wars film in the theater.  It will be the first test of the new migraine meds in a movie theater.  But gods damn it, can we all just shut up about it until it gets here?  Or at least a little closer?

Ok, I’m off to finish organizing my new “reading and writing nook.”

I have a lot of notebooks, you guys.

A lot.

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