Geek Girls Rule! #611 – What Makes a Home

We have spent much of the weekend moving furniture around, reshuffling things in preparation for the electrician coming this Wednesday. Nordholl is about a hundred years old, and it looks like the wiring was last updated in the late 70s or early 80s.  As it is, if we run all the servers, and the Martian’s game machine, and his air conditioner/filter cycles on, he blows  at least one circuit.  Not to mention it takes over 12 hours to charge his Chevy Volt.  He wants a Tesla, and there is no way in hell our current electrical system can handle that.

So for much of Wednesday, and probably Thursday, the house will be without power.  This means the Nothing Nice Comes Out of my Head short fiction sitewill be down, as the Martian hosts it on his servers.

The revamping of the electrical system is part of a shift of the Martian’s office to another room.  And in light of that shift, we’ve been moving furniture around, trying to decide if the things we have are things we need, love, or use.

This led to the moving of the Lovesacs.  Lovesacs are gigantic, adult-sized bean bag chairs.  We have a smaller one, and a bigger one.  The bigger one is essentially two of the smaller one.  And since it so helpfully decided to rain this weekend, we got to tug, shove, and drag the smaller of these up the tiny, narrow ass stairs to our floor, because I gave The Best Girlfriend in the World my roll top secretary, so I could make myself a cute little reading nook.

I had been worried that I hadn’t worked out that day.

I needn’t have worried.  Then we dragged, shoved and tugged the bigger one down to the basement.  To mollify the fuzzy cats who slept on the bigger Lovesac, we got them a cat tree.  They love it, and there has already been one fight over it.

The Enemy of Sleep found the Lovesac, and when I displaced her so I could write, she yelled and hissed at me.  Because OBVIOUSLY I had put it there for the cat.  Right now she is loafed up next to me purring her fool head off.  Apparently sharing is ok.

So, yeah, we’re moving stuff and shifting thing around to make things more comfortable for everyone.

I have a weird relationship with the concept of Home.

We moved a lot when I was a kid, and as an adult.  And given my relationship with my family, home never felt like the sanctuary other people seemed to to find it.  It’s always been little more than a place to store my stuff.  I’ve had a few places where I’ve felt what I think other people describe when they talk about Home.  Lake Superior in Michigan’s upper peninsula.  The ocean.  But I had three high schools in three years in three states.  Permanence was not something I could easily believe in. The house in Ellensburg felt very like home for me.  I was sad to leave it.

Now, Nordholl is starting to feel like that for me.  We’re starting to be able to really move things around and make it feel like we want it to.  Yes, the view is beautiful, and there is enough room for the four of us, but it didn’t really start feeling like home until recently.

It only took three years of family dinners, laughing and crying together, getting mad at each other and frustrated, but we’ve finally done it.

We’ve made a home.

In kind of related news, the Martian has this giant print of sea monsters menacing a tiny red boat.  The other day we took it in for framing.  It’s going to look amazing.  I’ll post pictures.  We’re going to hang it in the entryway because it is the only wall big enough for it.  It is giant.  Unframed it’s six feet tall and over three-ish feet wide. One of these days I’ll post pictures of all the framing we’ve done for the house.  There are some pictures in my instagram:  @geekgirlsrule

If you like what you read here, or want to help fund more framing, seriously, you guys, it’s expensive, please consider donating using the link at the top right of the page:  Keep Us Geeking, or checking out my Patreon.  Thank you!

Also, if you’d like to see what sort of fiction I write when left to my own devices, please feel free to check out my fiction Patreon, Nothing Nice Comes Out of My Head.

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