Geek Girls Rule! #610 – ACNW 2019

As always AmberconNW was awesome!!!!!!!!

Got to see a whole lot of people I only see once a year! Played some awesome games!

First slot was another installment of Lady Faiella’s with my friend Dawn Vogel running.  This is an ongoing game where several of us play children of Amber elders who have been retrieved and brought to the school to learn about our proper place in the universe.  This year we went to a masked ball in Chaos.  My character, Valentina, usually dresses in what have been accurately described as “velvet monstrosities” went to the ball as an Amazon.  Very scandalous.

Evie’s Army.  We each brought a stuffed animal that was our character, and played the stuffed animals that protect a young girl from bed monsters and nightmares.  After moving into a new house, the nightmares got worse, and we had to stop evil sorcerors who were draining life from the children through the nightmares. I took a stuffed shark and played Sandy the Sand Shark. I was good at biting things, not so good at anything that required hands, and I swam through the air like it was water.  I also harbored a terror of water, due to the Kool-Aid/Washing Machine Incident.

Escape the Dungeon.  Dungeon World with terrain.  I played a Dwarven Cleric of She Who Keeps Secrets, and accidentally summoned a crew of adventurers to save me from dark Elf cultists who were trying to sacrifice me. At one point I had to smite the Barbarian because he was audibly dissing my goddess while I was turning undead.

Into the Rocket-verse.  I kind of passed out in this one, as I’d had a tiny migraine earlier and took an edible.  Basically, everyone played a Rocket Raccoon from other dimensions who had taken on the mantle of another hero.  We had Iron Rocket. Dr. Rocket (Dr. Strange). Spider-Rocket.  Night-Rocket who was blue and could teleport (me), and Rocket-pool (Ogre). Instead of the Little Yellow Box and Little Red Box, Rocketpool did hand puppets, and when he got several fingers blown off, that hand mumbled for awhile.

It got weird.

I ran Guns and Glamour, and was presented with a petition from the players that I am not allowed to call it a playtest anymore, as it has fostered too much bragging, ACNW legends and laughs.  It went well.  They killed Capone.  The Goblins formed a garbageman union.  The young Red Cap the goblins had raised killed Capone and is now wearing his skull as a hat.

Bleeker Street.  Amber/MCU mash up.  Dr. Strange goes missing, there is a “In case of emergency break glass” situation and it summons me and 6 other people (who are all children of Amber, whether or not they know it).  My character was amnesiac and thought she was 17.  My friend Sarah played Brynn, my friend Ben played Orson, Derrik played Ember, Dawn played Wu San, and Lee played Tom Cassidy.  So Lee and I managed to keep up pretty good Irish accents for the whole game.  We had a blast.  I had a cat I had created out of Shadow, Seamus, who helped out with the investigating.  Sarah and I turned out to be sisters (which is a thing that happens in nearly every game we play in together, and usually we have not planned it). We found Dr. Strange and Tony Stark, both of whom had been taken by Evil Eric, and both of whom were Corwin’s sons.

Escaping the Urqhart Ways.  Pride and Prejudice/Amber mash up.  We were the children of Lady Urqhart and she had found eligible nobles for us to potentially marry.  Because my friend Ben (different Ben) is bad at names, his female character was Beene.  Paul was Genevieve. I was Tapestry (a purple medusa looking being), Melissa was Ursula a vaguely moth-y cloud looking creature with tentacles.  Kelsey played Dolly, Derrik played Agatha.  Everyone but me and Melissa looked fairly human, but we were all shape-shifters. I fucked with Paul’s character pretty hard, but for her own good.  It was a lot of fun. We all wound up married to suitable people.  The youngest, Dolly, ran off into Shadow.

At one point I was using Psyche to needle Paul’s character, and he says, “I shut her down with Psyche,” to which the GM said, “No, you don’t.”

It was literally the second game of Amber I have ever played where we actually did the stat auction.

As always, we had a fantastic time.  Got to hang out with fantastic people, in an amazing location, and eat super well.

I’ll post a picture of the petition later.

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