Geek Girls Rule! #606 – Reviews of a Couple Things

Ok, of course my last post was about podcasts, and then I discover a new one.

I think either GQ or Esquire ran an article about the top ten or 20 spooky podcasts to listen to.  And Night Vale was on there, of course.  I am so behind on Night Vale.  But so was this weird little podcast, King Falls AM.

How did none of you ever tell me about King Falls AM?  I feel betrayed.

Now, you really do have to listen in order, because there is an over-arching plot.  King Falls AM is primarily hosted by Sammy and Ben.  Sammie was some kind of big deal shock jock, Shotgun Sammie, somewhere else.  Ben, is local.  And weird shit happens at King Falls, and, much like Night Vale, everyone acts like it happens all the time, but they react to it more.  The cast of ancillary characters is great, and while they start out pretty one-dimensional, they start to develop more as the show goes on.  There’s Deputy Troy, Ms. Emily Potter, the new town librarian, a whole host of characters who call in to interact with the two hosts.  They also have people in for interviews, or do live broadcasts from local events.

I have really been enjoying it, including bursting out laughing on the bus.  It’s ok, it’s a downtown bus, I blend.

If you like Night Vale or the Magnus Archives but they can be a little intense for you, I think you’ll warm to King Falls AM.  It seems a lot more slapstick in the beginning, but there are some real undercurrents to the town.  It’s delightful.

Next review:  The latest season of Big Mouth.  This show remains far, far too accurate to what I remember of adolescence.  Which means I spend equal time laughing and groaning in agonized memory at this show.  The voice acting is still fantastic.  I get why some people take umbrage with how they depicted pansexuality in the episode guest starting Allie Wong, but honestly, I don’t feel they did too bad at it.  It could have been a lot worse.

I’m just hoping Allie Wong’s character shows up again.  She’s hilarious.

Maya Rudolph is a fucking gift as Connie, the hormone monster.  And Jordan Peele as the ghost of Duke Ellington is a gods damned delight.  All the voice acting is fantastic.  I would pay so much money to see/hear the out takes from their recording sessions.

Ok, I need to go deal with cat barf…  Cats are pretty.

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