Geek Girls Rule! #605 – New Favorite Podcasts!!!

Ok, so I have a ton of podcasts in my podcatchers, but I really only listen to a few consistently.

After I broke up with Lore over the issue of Spontaneous Human Combustion (pro-tip: It doesn’t exist), I started listening to The Conspirators which I like far better, in no small part because the guy who does it does a ton of research, and while doing really entertaining re-tellings, pretty much sticks to the facts.

I also listen to Box of Oddities.  I adore The Box of Oddities, largely because Jethro and Kat remind me so much of me and the Geek Husband What Rules, that when I’m recounting their stories, it feels like a lot of our stories.  They are a lot of fun.  They love animals, and frequently after bummer stories will call their pugs in where they record so that listeners can experience the soothing sound of Pug Snortles. I’ve really enjoyed listening to them.

Also, on an episode about cannibalism, they referenced going to the “dark side of Flavortown.”

The latest favorite podcast is Cryptopedia.  This is literally the only podcast that I listen to that the GHWR does not hate. Two giant nerds research Cryptids and talk about the potential sources of the stories about them.  Jon and Brandon research cryptids and fall down rabbit holes like I do.  They also go off on weird ass tangents, like I do.  And listening to them is like hanging out with our friends.  They talk about their games, painting minis, Brandon apparently also builds guitars for fun. They just sound like fun to hang out with. The GHWR will sit and listen to entire episodes with me.  So, good job, guys!!! Plus Jon describing his old MySpace as “a little weeb-ish” made me laugh uncontrollably.

I still listen to Astonishing Legends and the Magnus Archives, Archive 81, and Night Vale, on occasion

Sadly, a couple of podcasts I really enjoyed appear to have disappeared, including Southern Demonology.

Sorry this one is so short, guys. I have a morning long meeting tomorrow so I should try to get some sleep, as soon as this episode of Cryptopedia that I’m listening to with the GHWR is over.

More soon!

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