Geek Girls Rule! #607 – Nerd Cuisine

Ok, so this one is real broad.  But it’s a thing that gets bandied about a lot.  You have places like the AFK tavern, who have very cute, themed names. Or Cafe Mox, where they have an attached game store, and you can pick up the games they let you borrow, or buy dice if you forgot those.   A lot of those places have cute themed names for very basic bar food, and the food’s pretty good most of the time.

In Seattle we have a number of bars that may not be expressly geek themed, but have definite geek friendly atmospheres.  We also have The Unicorn, which has up-scale circus themed food, like corn dogs made with andouille sausage, jalopeno poppers called “Unicorn Balls,” and of course, Unicorn Jizz, a giant alcoholic concoction that tastes like fruit punch and will knock you on your butt.  The jukebox is loaded with punk rock and classic metal.

We’ve also got Shorty’s, which is a pinball bar that serves some of the best hot dogs ever, and cheap beer.

And The Funhouse, which used to be it’s own bar, but is now located in El Corazon.

But apart from that, geek food includes anything nerds eat, anything nerds eat during games, or lots of things.

When we game, we usually have fancy cheeses and crackers, and tasty adult beverages.  Our tastes in fancy adult beverages have definitely improved since we were geeks in our 20s.  The Girl Game usually had salad, sushi, and cupcakes.  The year that we did brunch and gaming for my birthday, we had challah French toast with duck eggs and thick cut bacon.

The Geek Husband What Rules spends a lot of time on Youtube watching cooking channels.  One of the channels we both love, is Binging with Babish.  He recreates meals from movies and TV, including the $5 milkshake from Jack Rabbit Slim’s in Pulp Fiction and the Death Sandwich from the Regular Show.  He does what he can to recreate the cartoon recipes as faithfully as he can, then frequently re-works the recipe to make it more edible.

Another of our favorite food youtube channels that fits the theme is Townsend & Sons. He recreates mostly 18th Century recipes from colonial America.  He also did a series of shows on quill pens, paper, sealing wax, and oak gall ink.

And of course, there are a ton of channels devoted to fancy cakes, special effects food, and other fun food topics.

Ok, so yeah, nerd food covers a wide range of things from Mountain Dew and Cheetohs, to recreating medieval feasts.

So,  go do some research and figure out what your nerd food looks like.

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