Geek Girls Rule! #603 – I Thought I was Over the MCU…

Turns out I’m just “over” fuckboys bleating about it.

Ok, that’s not entirely true.  I am completely and utterly OVER the Russo Brothers.  Man, I had such high hopes for them after Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  That movie was fantastic.  But each film that they have done since has been successively worse, and more misogynist.  So, yeah,…  pretty fucking over it..

Seriously, there was a time when I never thought I would dislike an MCU movie more than Age of Ultron.  Then Civil War happened, then The Infinity War, and the last one…  Whatever it was.  Seriously, you guys, I’m sitting here and I literally cannot remember the name of the last movie.

Ok, I looked it up.  Endgame.

I have spent the last how many years LIVING for these movies to come out.  The fact that every other one released on or near my birthday made me ecstatic.  But I’ll be honest, I still haven’t seen Spider-Man Far From Home because I’m afraid it’s going to be another disappointment.

I have pretty much quit reading MCU-related fic, because I’ve been so bummed about it.

And before anyone starts in with the “You’re just upset Cap’s not Bi…”  Yes, I am.  But I could have lived without that if the end of Endgame hadn’t been so wildly fucking out of character I choose to believe Steve was a rogue Skrull at the end of that movie, and the real Cap is out fucking up Nazis.

BUT, I am still looking forward to the next Black Panther, and the next Captain Marvel.

Which brings me to the first line of this rant.

Dear Whiny Fuckboys;

Please quit predicting that Marvel/Disney will suddenly start hating money enough to never do another Black Panther or Captain Marvel movie.  Actresses expecting to be paid equal to their male co-stars does not make them “difficult” or “high maintenance.”  Pull your head out of your ass before you suffocate up there.

No Love,


I shit you not, for WEEKS my stupid Google Newsreader, which cannot tell the difference between legitimate sites and fuckboy whine-fest pity parties because suddenly non-penis havers are leading comic movies whilst wearing clothing and reasonable shoes. For weeks, every time I accidentally swiped too far on my phone, because I read some comic and comic-movie related items, the top three stories were about how Disney was going to can Brie Larsen and the Captain Marvel movie was a mistake, and….

Ok, one brief aside.



No one says you have to watch the Captain Marvel movies.  No one says your pasty ass has to watch a Black Panther movie.  NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO WATCH ANY OF THIS, and plenty of your faves starring Grizzled McWhiteDude are still being made.

Stop making me hate my hobbies, you pathetic wankers.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to go relax by rewatching this clip of a Beluga whale knocking a dude’s Go-Pro out of his hands, and then bringing it back to him.  It’s adorable and the best thing on the internet right now.

And to go mourn the death of the sun.  It’s autumn in Seattle, which. means we’ll soon be getting less than 8 hours a day of light.  Wheeeee.

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