Geek Girls Rule! #577 – Creating Space & Personal Epiphanies

So, I have decided a couple of things.

One of them is given that I have written two entire novels in the last year and a half, and am plotting out the third, have written several dozen micro and flash fiction pieces, and a metric ton of fanfic,  I get to call myself a writer.

That’s not even getting into the nearly 600 numbered posts and countless non-numbered posts that encompass Geek Girls Rule!

The next thing is that while I am an HR Lady for my day job, HR is not now, nor has ever been my career or calling.

Writing is my calling.  Hopefully, also my career.

HR is what I do to keep the lights on.  If I sometimes seem passionate about it, it’s because it’s not really rocket science if companies/employers want to stay out of trouble.  And I’m pretty passionate about people not being asshats.

But you’d think it was…  Seriously, guys.  It’s really not that hard and the majority of HR rules boil down, at their very simplest, to don’t be an asshole.  Is it an asshole move to not pay people what they are worth? Yes.  Is it an asshole move not to offer sick leave and benefits? Yes.  Is sexual/racial/homophobic or transphobic harassment an asshole move?  Yes.  Is it an asshole move to show up to work drunk or high?  Yes.

For all the volumes that various HR laws, regulations, guidelines and legislation take up, 97% can be summed up that way.

Anyway, I’m a writer.

In other words, yelling at recalcitrant scientists is what I do, but writing is who I am.

Now to get things published.

Next on the agenda….

I need to spend more time writing.

I also need to spend more time not cooped up in my house.

HENCE…  my plan to make myself a little writer’s outside pack, so I can sit out on the porch or yard, and write for the length of my laptop battery life.  Yes, we have outlets out there, but I really should not sit for hours upon hours, and I have been known to do that if not limited by battery life.

Seriously, guys.  The first draft of Guns & Glamour was written over a weekend and involved one 10 hour stint of writing, interrupted only by bathroom breaks because my housemate was very good about keeping my water glass filled, and a seven hour stint over a long weekend.

I will literally sit and write until I cannot feel my feet.

I’m thinking a big cushion, a blanket, a water bottle, and possibly a snack.  Maybe I’ll spring for a camp chair for going to parks or something.  Who knows?  And while I love the idea of leaning up against a tree and writing, we mostly have pine trees and pine trees produce an amazing amount of sap.  As it is, we wind up tracking it into the house constantly.  But we do have a great wooden bench along the back of the house by the barbecues that would be pretty habitable with a cushion.

Ok, I’m going to watch some more Star Vs. the Forces of Evil so I can review that for you.  I like it.  It’s a little more frenetic than my usual favorite cartoons, but it’s good. It’s cute and silly.  And I cannot think of a worse thing than puppies with laser eyes.

Everyone have a good Fourth of July!  Try not to lose any fingers!  Hey, I come from a redneck family, and have a few cousins who need that advice.

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