Geek Girls Rule! #576 – State of the Geek/Magic German Tights

Ok, so I did not get near as much work on anything done this weekend as I’d been hoping.

Saturday was Rolls and Roles, a small, private game day that the AmberconNW folks put on every June.  It’s usually 4 or 5 games per two slots and runs from roughly noon to midnight at someone’s house.  Everyone brings munchies and booze and games and chats, sitting around outside, mostly in the shade because we are all pasty ass nerds.

I sat out the first slot because I was running the second, and I wanted to make sure I could pull that off.  So I ran yet another playtest of Guns and Glamour.  It went well, everyone had a good time!  An emotionally valuable painting was stolen from Mr. Woods, the Sidhe club owner, which was then retrieved with great prejudice and only two or three deaths.  Because of my friend Lesley’s Red Cap, Molly Rouge, we came up with new slang for Red Caps: “Woodchippers.” As in, “Hey, isn’t that Mikey O’Sullivan being eaten by that Woodchipper?”  I think it gives a particularly evocative picture of how Red Caps, or at least Molly, eat.  Not sure if it’s period appropriate, I will be researching that.

Assisting in the art recovery were Sugar “Bunny” Davenport, Pixie Drag Queen, as played by Brandon, and Gris, short for Gristle which is his favorite food, the Troll Leg Breaker as played by Virginia.

The G&G rules will be going through an extensive overhaul before ACNW and further playtests. Sean Nittner from Evil Hat gave me some excellent feedback that I probably would have figured out on my own, after it was published.  Because that is how my brain is, a jerk.

Onto other updates.  New migraine med.  It’s one I have to try before we can try the fancy new once a month shots.  Granted if this one works, it’s only $10/month without insurance, and about 61 cents with.  We’ll see how this goes.

The Magic German Tights.  Ok, so the 50 dernier tights are my favorites.  After well over a year, I have managed to put a couple of tiny runs easily stopped with clear nail polish, and caused by things that would have wrecked cheaper tights.  The heavier dernier tights are nice, but are not as elastic, and lose their elasticity quicker.  None of them have caused chub rub, no matter how hot it gets.

As I’ve said before, the major downside to these is price, but honestly $30+ a pair isn’t bad given how long they last.  The biggest they go is size 22 European sizing, but they still fit my US 22 ass.  The seam between the waistband and the legs is still the weakest spot in the tights, but overall, I’m still very happy with them.  I need to order another couple of pairs.

I did email them about their nudes not coming in the bigger sizes and they said they’re having trouble finding a supplier who can make a tight that is still sheer, but does not cause chub rub (I’m paraphrasing, they did not use that term).  Hopefully they can solve that problem, because I would very much like a some nude stockings to wear with my Fleuvog sandals.

I think that’s about it.  I’m going to crash out, again.  After R&R yesterday, and a trip to the nursery to pick up some lettuce starts, and ground cover for the yard, I’m a little bit sunburned and a teeny bit migraine-y.

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