Geek Girls Rule! #578 – More Cartoons!!!!

Because I am a grown up!

So, after Over the Garden Wall, which gets weirder the longer you watch, we decided to lighten the mood with Star Vs. the Forces of Evil.  Which starts out weird.

Princess Star Butterly is a Princess of Mewni.  She is one step from being sent to St. Olga’s home for Wayward Princesses, like her best friend Princess Unicorn Pony Head, so her parents send her to earth as a foreign exchange student.  She winds up staying with Marco’s family, and Marco is very…  He’s a little uptight.

While she’s on Earth, she is constantly being attacked by Ludo, this creepy little bird monster, who is trying to steal her magic wand.

Ok, the animation is adorable.  The voice acting is fantastic! And the guest voices they have on periodically are wonderful.  We just finished watching the one with Brian Posehn voicing the hapless lobster man that Ludo fires, and then Star helps him get his job back.  We also watched the one with her ex-boyfriend, the demon, and where Ludo hires someone to help whip his tench-monsters into line.

Along the way, she and Marco learn lessons about life, and there are laser puppies, which I cannot think of a worse thing.

The episode where she goes into Mewberty was fucking hilarious. This is also where we meet Glossaryk, the glossary of her spell book.

It’s a lot of fun, and while Marco wanders into “Nice Guy TM” territory, by the end of the episode, he usually learns why that’s not ok.  And he’s actually making steps toward talking to the girl he likes at school.

A++ will definitely be finishing out the seasons they have on Hulu. It’s cute, and like the old Looney tunes operates on levels both adults and kids can appreciate.

Which brings me to Tuca & Bertie, which is not kid-friendly by any stretch of the imagination.  I have not seen any on screen sex happening, but there are on screen animated boobs and butts.  Tiffany Haddish voices Tuca, a foul-mouthed Toucan, and Ali Wong is Bertie, an anxious, people-pleasing Thrush.  The Geek Husband What Rules and I definitely finished out the first episode looking at each other and saying, “What the hell did we just watch?” But it’s good.  We laughed.  There are a lot of great jokes, and just weird ass bits.

The look of Tuca & Bertie’s world is, um, like Richard Scarry did even more acid than he already must have.  I could not find a good image to demonstrate, but Richard Scarry was a little weird.

Anyway, Tuca & Bertie starts out with Tuca stealing ice cream from a bully, then “borrowing” a bike from someone.  She and Bertie had lived together for 6 years and are best friends.  But Bertie’s boyfriend is moving in.  I am a little iffy on Bertie’s boyfriend.  He starts out sounding kind of like a douche, but he mellows out and sounds less douchey by the end of the episode.  OR, and this is a possibility, when he said the thing at the beginning about how if they broke up no one would ever love her again, that was Bertie’s brain supplying it.

That said, the jury is out on Speckle.

Ok, I should get to the fiction writing.  Also, my sister ambushed me with a surprise pedicure trip, and I really need to get some stuff done around the house.

My toenails are now all black and sparkly.

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