Geek Girls Rule! #562 – Holy Shit, that got Dark.

So, the Geek Husband What Rules and I continue to watch Gravity Falls, and we just finished Season 2, Episode 19.

Holy shit, that got dark!!!!

I totally get why my friend Meera was all, “Strap in!”

And as we are one episode from the end, expect another post.

We are totally getting the entire collection on DVD, you guys!

I am pretty sure this is a thing I can watch over and over.  There is so much to see and pick out, especially the closer you get to the end.

And as for twists, I can honestly say that I have not seen many of them coming.

But damn, it got dark.  And fast.

Now, I know I talked about the fact that a lot of kids’ media is pretty dark and horrific, in large part because it is aimed at an audience that has little to no meaningful control of their own lives.

I mean, Bill Cipher’s been around and is pretty emphatically a bad guy.  And I don’t mean in the usual kid’s show sense, I mean he is unequivocally a villain.  But the episode before everything turns to shit is them pranking other roadside attractions.  Ok, so Stan nearly gets eaten by a Spider Lady who sounds like a Jersey Shore floozy and has a fake tan, but for the most part, it’s pretty light hearted with a couple of decent messages.  Don’t lead people on, be nice, think of others, be yourself, don’t be a player, if you try to use other people expect to get eaten.

Ok, there are going to be some spoilers here, and some of my guesses about what happens in the last episode and subsequent movie, which I hope is on Hulu, but if it isn’t, I have Amazon Prime, and I will see that.

Things that you don’t usually see in kids’ shows.  People are eaten.  I mean undeniably eaten.  There’s blood.  It’s pretty cartoony, but it’s there.  Bill turns Pacifica Northwest’s Dad’s face all inside out, and he falls screaming and gasping for air because he suddenly has no mouth or nostril openings, while Pacifica and her mother recoil in horror.

It gets pretty graphic for a kids’ show.  I mean, not Itchy and Scratchy levels of graphic, but still.

And towards the cliffhanger ending of episode 19 Dipper talks Lil Gideon into leading a suicide mission so that he, Wendy and Soos can save Mabel.


After he makes his decision, Gideon looks at Dipper and says, “You’ll tell her what I did?”


A child character talks another child character into a LITERAL SUICIDE MISSION.

Now, because this was the Disney channel, and I may be wrong, but I suspect that somehow a wish comes into it, or a sacrifice of some sort that puts everything back the way it was.*

Or not.  I don’t know. I am purposely avoiding spoilers.

I think I’m going to make the GHWR watch episode 20 with me this afternoon.  This month’s Mickey Counts Down may be my five most What the fuck? moments from Gravity Falls.

*But maybe that’s just because I saw Endgame so recently.  (Also, what the shit, Endgame? Half the world’s population is now 5 years younger than they should be, have been, would have going to…  That’s going to be a logistical, legal, and ethical nightmare to puzzle out).

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