Geek Girls Rule! #563 – Gravity Falls the Last Episode (S2, E20)

Ok, so I was wrong.  I misunderstood the wikipedia entry, there is no movie after episode 20.  The movie encompasses episodes 18, 19, 20 or Weirdmageddon.

There is, however, a graphic novel that follows the series.  And I now own it. And a copy of Journal 3, and Dipper and Mabel’s Guid to Mystery and Nonstop Fun.

They were bundled together and cheaper that way.  What?

Anyway, epsiode 20…  Spoilers ahoy.

So, we leave off with Gideon going on a suicide mission, then Dipper, Soos and Wendy entering the bubble prison holding Mabel.

It turns out that Mabel’s prison is a world where she controls everything and gives her everything she wants.  And it tries to do the same for Dipper, Soos. and Wendy.  However, Dipper resists, and convinces the others to leave.  As they do, the prison turns to flames, maggots and monsters. It’s pretty intense.

They get out and to the Mystery Shack where they find Grunkle Stan and other survivors hiding out from the Bill Cipher’s minions.  With the help of Fiddleford McGuckit, they build a mecha out of the shack, and fight Bill, so Stan, Dipper, Soos, and some others can sneak in and find Grunkle Ford and find out Bill’s weakness.  They do this, but Stan and Ford fighting causes them to blow it.  Dipper and Mabel lead Bill on a chase through the pyramid, and Stan and Ford devise a plan.

Oh, and they find Gideon forced to do cute dances in a sailor suit forever, and free him, too.

Stan disguises himself as Ford, lures Bill into his mind, and then has Ford erase his mind, destroying Bill.

Once Bill is gone everything reverts to normal, but the townspeople remember, and there is some evidence that they were traumatized.

You guys, I cried so fucking many times during this episode. When Bill discovers he’s in Stan’s mind, and it is slowly being erased.  The last thing Stan’s mind does is hold a picture of him with Dipper and Mabel.  Then when they try to convince Stan he knows them.  Again when they succeed.  When Stan names Soos as his successor at the Mystery Shack, and when Dipper and Mabel have to leave.

Seriously, you guys.  I don’t think Bambi made me cry this much.

I’m getting ready to read the graphic novel, and will probably post about it.  Then we’ll start Over the Garden Wall or something.

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3 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #563 – Gravity Falls the Last Episode (S2, E20)

  1. It’s such an incredibly amazing show.
    I really wish that it looked like there were plans to release international editions of the Complete Series DVD set.

    I love it to bits and want to do some writing about it.

  2. I love the hell out of the show! It’s so well done, and the finale nearly made me cry myself shut.
    I wish that it looked like anybody was going to sell the Complete Series DVD box sets internationally, but I’ve not seen them yet.

  3. I may or may not have written some Gravity Falls fan fiction.

    If you search it on fan fiction sites, I recommend caution. There are a disturbing number of incest-fics out there.

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