Geek Girls Rule! #537 – Gaming’s Latest #MeToo Moment

This one’s going public today, because this is important.  I’ll make it up to my Patrons in a bit.  Promise.

Right, I know you all have seen me talk, rant about and refer to bullshit surrounding Zak S, Zak Sabbath, Zak Smith, whatever the fuck he calls himself, before.

And you know how I always say that someone who is an asshole in one way, well that’s rarely the only way in which they’re an asshole?

Zoldemort’s ex, Mandy Morbid, outed him as an abuser.  Publicly.  Specifically.  Including, but not limited to, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and a whole raft of other excreble behavior.  Two other women they dated as a couple back her up and share their own stories of abuse.


I believe her, and I have her back.

She doesn’t know me.  We’ve never met.  The only interaction we ever had online was ages ago, I think.  Because of one of dipshit’s snits. Honestly, I’m not sure we ever did actually interact.  I think I may have read some of her support for Assface McGuillicuddy and decided ignoring her was probably for the best.

But now, if you come at her, you go through me first, and a lot of other women that asshole has victimized to varying degrees, or just those of us who have watched him pull his bullshit moves every time he releases a new project, and who try to run interference or do damage control for our friends.

The first person who says they’re shocked, is…  Well, it’s time for my favorite gameshow, “EVIL or STUPID?”

Seriously, people, women specifically, have been calling this unctuous little fuck out for a long damn time now.  And for their troubles, have mostly gotten harassed, death threats, doxxed, etc…  You know the playbook by now.

A few dudes have backed us/them up publicly, several more, privately.  But yeah…

Turns out that post of support Mandy posted from her sickbed several years ago in the middle of another of the ZS caused shitstorms was, in fact, written by good old, Gak Sabbath himself.

So, a couple of things.  I know this probably doesn’t need to be said, but if you STILL after all of this support that asshead, get out.  I don’t need you in my life or my mentions.

Honestly, I think I’ve said that before, probably just not as confrontationally.  But I feel it needs reiterating.  He’s an abusive, gross, garbage person.

And, yeah, I got some folks I’d really like to hear from.

Mark Diaz Truman, Stacy Dellorfano, you still think he’s a good guy and/or that the people calling him out are “just as bad” as anything he’s done?

Mostly I want to let Mandy’s words speak for themselves.  Go read her post, bearing in mind that it is triggery as fuuuuuuuuucccckkkk, especially if you’ve been in an abusive situation yourself.

I believe her.

I support her.

And I will fight you over this.

PS. It should go without saying that any slut-shaming or victim-blaming will be met with immediate repercussions, including, but not limited to: blocking, the broadcasting far and wide of your bullshit, and so much mockery.

3 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #537 – Gaming’s Latest #MeToo Moment

  1. Stacy Dellorfano called out Zak’s bad behaviour almost two years ago and has not supported him since. They’ve been pretty vocal about it and strong supporter or Mandy. Stacy has called out the bad behaviour of a lot of men in gaming for years, but no one seems to pay attention to them.

  2. They haven’t done it where I’ve seen it. And at least one person on Twitter supplied links from 2 years ago where they were still voicing support.

    I’m glad they are supporting Mandy. But they’ve done a lot of harm to a lot of people in the gaming community and have yet to address that.

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