Geek Girls Rule! #535 – Limetown Season 2


No shit!  I made it to the end of Limetown Season 2 and it is good.

So good!

Argh, I don’t want to spoil anyone, but I do want to talk about it a bit.

At the end of Limetown season 1, Leah Haddock records herself being taken, there is screaming, the sound of door being knocked in, booted feet…

And then silence for a couple years.

Then a Kickstarter.

Then silence.

Then a couple months ago, it’s back.  This time it’s being told from the point of view of a woman who is a “Fixer” who has been hired to find/save Leah. She is really not a good person, but very effective.  The Fixer’s been captured, by what I assumed was some sort of shady government agency or something, and the story is told through her captor interviewing her and replaying tapes she recorded during her investigation.

It’s fascinating, much tighter than the first season, and very much worth it.

Now, I loved the first season, and found it fascinating as well.  But I think they’ve really outdone themselves with season 2.  There’s also a prequel novel I intend to pick up.

Highly recommended.

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