Geek Girls Rule! #534 – Social Media, again

So, we’re getting down to the wire with the death of G+.  Yes, it isn’t officially until April, but it’s losing functionality, like Google’s a slum lord trying to drive out rent-controlled tenants.

Anyway, I’ve been doing more mulling.

GGR will continue to have a presence at Tumblr, but my personal tumblrs are going to lie fallow.  And I’m going to move SHIELD Support Staff to its own WordPress.

MeWe is out, because I am reasonably sure there are other social media networks out there that do not tolerate nazi bullshit, let alone court it by proclaiming themselves as a bastion for free speech.

If I really need to explain to you the difference between free speech and violent ideologies inciting harm against others, just leave.  I’m too tired for that shit right now.

In case some of you missed how I feel about Facebook, I would just like to reiterate that Facebook’s main functions seem to be making my argue with family, mine or other people’s, and reminding me about dead friends by leaving them on facebook games so I can have a sad face if I have to scroll through for some reason, sending me “You and X have been friends for Y many years,” reminders about them (why is it always the dead friends?) or if you unfriend the accounts of your dead friends, constantly suggesting them as friends for you every fucking time you log in.  Throw in Zuckerberg et al.’s unethical business practices and collusion with governmental invasions of personal privacy, tendency to ban people reporting abuse instead of the people being reported, and no. Facebook can go fuck itself.

The majority of us appear to be heading toward:

Pluspora, a diaspora server created specifically for the G+ diaspora.

A friend of mine has created a Discord server for those of us who interacted the most frequently.

Dreamwidth.  Several of us moved over there during the mass Livejournal migration after the acquisition by the Russian company.  It was created by much of the original Livejournal development team so its functionality is almost identical.  I think a lot of my more personal things are going there.  You can look for me, it’s pretty locked down, so I’ll have to give you access:

Mastadon.  I am @geekgirlsrule on Mastadon, located on a friend’s instance,

Still on Twitter as @geekgirlsrule

I am planning on trying out Narrative, which is a new one.  GeekGirlsRule over there. Referral link.

I do have an Ello account, as well.

I have an Instagram, too. GeekGirlsRule over there, too.

Not all of these are going to survive.  We’ll see how it shakes out.  In the meantime you can always find me here, at the public blog, and at my political blog, Polimicks.  As well as at the NothingNiceComesOutOfMyHead Patreon.

In fact here, just look here. That’s got just about everywhere on it, and will be updated as I add and delete accounts. I still need to untuck my Pillowfort login.

There you have it.

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