Geek Girls Rule! #533 – De-Crappening Day

In our household we have a holiday that occurs randomly, multiple times a year.

It’s called De-Crappening Day.

It’s when we clean out closets, dressers, the attic, the piles of crap in the TV room, the mail piles, and shred, toss, file or donate everything we do no longer need, want, or that is no longer useful.

As the child of hoarders, I have come to embrace and adore this day.

Seriously, the Geek Husband What Rules, my sister and I spent the better part of three months clearing out ONE FLOOR of my parents’ house after they moved to Texas.

The move is a story itself.

I used to joke that my folks were one crushed cat from being on that Hoarders show on A&E.

It wasn’t a joke.

Several rooms no one had been to the back of for more than a decade, mouse nests, and rooms where dust had accumulated to the point of becoming dirt later, I looked at the GHWR and said, “So, I don’t want to own anything ever again.  Can we put everything we own into a pile in the backyard and set it on fire?”‘

Anyway, because of that little adventure into “Oh My God, who keeps that?!?!” we instituted frequent De-Crappening Days.  Because the hoarding impulse is still there.  Especially when I’m stressed.  Also, because we didn’t have a lot of money for most of my childhood, and for a lot of my marriage, the impetus to hold on to things “just in case” you can fix it, or find the missing part, or use it again maybe, although probably not, is a hard one to kill.

We’ve had two de-crappening days this month, since the GHWR is now a full time house husband and can do a lot of the daily housework that would sneak up on us.  He does the housework and come the weekends, at least one day is dedicated to going through boxes, the closets and everything to get rid of shit that is old and worn, or just not something we’re liable to use again, and maybe someone else can get a better use out of it. A lot of defunct technology just needs to be recycled.

In today’s adventures in de-crappening I discovered my fancy dip pens, a stash of stationery, 2 iPhone 3s, and the box of all our photos.  As well as the rest of my Funkos.

Including the duplicate Winter Soldier #129.

So, um, who wants him?

I can ship if necessary. If more than one of you wants him maybe I’ll pose a riddle or toss a coin, who knows.

Yeah, I already have one of these, so I really don’t need another.

This is me being good and responsible.

Oh, and if you all are curious, I could maybe be coaxed into posting some of the older photos.

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