Geek Girls Rule! #532 – Please, No One be Horrible for like, a Week, Please.

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get twitchy when I go to open up an internet browser. It seems like every other day, someone I idolized as a child turns out to be a shitbag.  The Geek Husband What Rules goes through this even more often, as he was really into Hardcore Punk in the 80s, and Kevin Seconds seems to be the only decent human being left from that scene. Him and Ian McKay.  Even my beloved Hammerin’ Hank (Henry Rollins) has said some really problematic shit.

And if I were evil or stupid, I might blame the people bringing the fuckery to my attention for my twitchiness.

But I don’t.

I blame the assholes responsible for said fuckery.

I’m not mad at the women who accused Bill Cosby, I’m mad at Bill Cosby.

I’m not mad at the women who accused Louis CK, I’m fucking livid at Louis CK, Jamie Kilstein, and Aziz Ansari, and every one else who once played liberal, but showed their true colors once exposed for being the creeps they are.  Seriously, in one bit, Louis CK mocked the gender queer and Parkland high school shooting survivors.

I really don’t think you can sink much lower than that.

Or at least I fucking hope not.

Bryan Singer, Kevin Spacey, just, gah.

I do not care how good you are at your job.  I am reasonably sure that I can find someone who isn’t a rapey asshole who is equally good at your job, with the bonus of not being a giant piece of shit.

And as bad as it is when it’s someone I’ve idolized (Dirk Benedict and his shitty misogynist comments about female Starbuck, Bill Cosby), it’s worse when it’s someone I know.

And that has happened with depressing frequency.

Right now there are a bunch of dudes flipping their shit because a razor ad told them that you shouldn’t harass and physically assault women, or bully or beat people, that you should be an engaged parent and adult and not let children beat each other in front of you.

Basically, the message of “Don’t be a shitty human being,” has sent scores of dudes into paroxysms of rage and horror.

And women are the “sensitive” ones.

For the love of fuck.

Look, could everyone just do me a solid, and not be horrible human beings.  Don’t say racist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic or able-ist shit.  Don’t touch people without permission, and especially do NOT contact other people sexually without their consent, physically, verbally or electronically.

Just don’t.

PS. No one wants to see your dick. If they do, they’ll ask.

Trust me.

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