Geek Girls Rule! #530 – A Public Service Announcement

This is something I have ranted about before in many locations but never here.  But let’s face it.  We’re nerds.  Most of our hobbies require being sedentary, sometimes for hours at a time, not to mention our jobs.

I want to address something about health.  A couple of things.

First is that you do not know how healthy someone is by looking at them.  Fat does not automatically mean unhealthy any more than thin automatically means healthy. You may be able to make some guesses based on skin color, temperature, whether or not they are sneezing or their nose is running, but not even then.  Maybe they just sprinted up a flight of stairs, or have allergies and are not actually sick.


The next thing is that no one owes you anything regarding their health or appearance.  It is not my job to be attractive by whatever arbitrary standards you hold in your head.  As the Dress A Day blog once said, “Being pretty is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked female.”

I am not required to be thin enough for you, and that skinny girl over there is not required to be heavy enough for you, either.

In short, other people’s weight and health is none of your business, Brett.

On to the next thing…

By focusing on fat instead of actual health, the medical community is killing people.

They are missing life threatening diagnoses, from the friend who was diagnosed as “too fat” when she had fucking pneumonia, to the many friends who have been sicker than they needed to be or died because doctors were so focused on their fat they missed cancer until it was too late to save them.

That is medical malfeasance at best, definitely malpractice, and possibly manslaughter.

I have known people who have walked around on BROKEN BONES because a doctor told them their ankle hurt because they were fat and they needed to move around more.

These are not isolated incidents.

And every incident like this makes fat people less and less likely to see a doctor until shit is dire.

Even when we do see doctors regularly, unless we find one who is willing to listen to and treat our actual symptoms instead of writing off our every concern as “diagnosis fat,” it’s just as bad as not seeing one.

I have and doctors accuse me of lying about having had an eating disorder, how much I eat, and whether or not apart from allergies and the asthma I got as a skinny kid from living on what was essentially a superfund site, be disappointed when my blood test results came back all in the low normal range.  I fired her for that.

And here’s the secret, you can fire a doctor.  Now, granted, because of constraints of location and insurance finding another one can be hard, but you can most certainly file complaints with the clinic they work at, your insurance company and the state medical commission.

Also, if you are thin, and a doctor tries to write off your concerns because of it, this happens less often but it does happen, you should also fire them and find a new one if at all possible.

Especially as we get older finding doctors that actually listen to you and treat your for real symptoms instead of being douchebags about your weight is super important.

I have a handy phrase the Best GirlFriend in the World taught me;

“As I am unlikely to lose enough weight between now and when I leave this appointment to make you happy, let’s table the discussion of my weight and talk about why I’m actually here.”

Thin people, feel free to adapt this to your needs as well.

Please advocate for yourselves, or find a friend or partner. you can take with you who will bully the doctors right back until they listen to you.  This is the thing guys, advanced degrees doesn’t mean someone isn’t a complete asshole.  And having worked with doctors for many, many years, trust me, just as fat correlates with earlier mortality, more degrees definitely correlates with bigger assholes.

Remember, correlation is not the same as causation, kids.

While fat might cause some issues, other things that cause problems are being afraid to see a doctor, not being listened to when you DO see a doctor, being treated for problems you don’t have, being treated poorly by doctors and other people, and the stress those things cause.

Talking to you, Chip.

PS Studies NOT funded by the diet industry have found that what really seems to matter is habits, not weight.  Healthy habits correlate to longer lives, pretty much no matter what weight you are.


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