Geek Girls Rule! #503 – Review: The Conjuring

I have been watching horror movies since I was probably younger than was strictly wise, I’m sure.  And I haven’t taken enough time to watch there recent ones, so this weekend I sat down to watch The Conjuring.

This was little weird for me.  I grew up reading the books of Ed and Loraine Warren.  Next to Hans Holzer, they are the paranormal researchers I am most familiar with.  So hearing that this film was supposedly based on one of their cases, one they had not talked about previously.

The film opens with the case of Annabelle the doll, as an introduction to the concept of demons and the way demons or demonic forces can use the inanimate as conduits to this world.  The segment was pretty damn frightening.

Then it moves onto the main plot, which is a family moving into a colonial farmhouse they picked up on auction.  Mom, Dad, and five daughters.  The first indication that things are wrong, is that the family dog refuses to come in.  They leave her chained outside, and something kills the dog.

Birds keep flying into the windows of the house and killing themselves.  The mom keeps waking up with huge bruises all over her body.  The youngest develops an imaginary friend named Rory.  One of the girls starts sleepwalking an pounding her head on a wardrobe that came with the place.

The Conjuring is a relatively bloodless horror movie, that relies on building tension, creaking floorboards and slamming doors.  Even watching it in full daylight with other people around kind of scared the crap out of me.  It’s highly atmospheric, the music enhances the action instead of stomping on it.

I really enjoyed this movie, and I’m glad I had the sense to watch it during the day.  I still may find myself with nightmares.

I found it a fairly enjoyable horror movie.  I’ll try to review a few more, since this is October and all.

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