Geek Girls Rule! #504 – Of Batwang and the Male Gaze

So, once again dudes are proving themselves the weaker sex by coming down with a case of vapors over realistic depictions of male genitalia in comics.

Apparently DC’s decided that Batman isn’t gritty enough, so the’ve started a line called Black Label with an eye towards more “adult” and collectible comics.  The wang in question is heavily shaded and nigh impossible to see in the uncensored image.

This hearkens back to when an artist did an anatomically correct groin bulge for Commander Steel several years ago.  Dudes also clutched pearls over that shit too.

This is from an industry that lovingly depicts women’s costumes as being little more than body paint, with more camel toe than the Sahara, and the fanbase who cheer it, and tell those of us tired of, say, seeing underage female characters over-sexualized, to “get over it, it’s just fantasy.”

But Batman’s dick, and Commander Steel’s bulge are a bridge too far.

Fucking fragile masculinity.  Not to mention the inherent homophobia involved.


Look, if Vicki Vale can deliver a soliloquy on Bruce Wayne in a panel wherein all you see is her lace clad ass, and mind you, this is in the mainstream Batman comics, not a special “adult” comic, then ya’ll can shut the fuck up about the Batwang.

Seriously. Just, stop.  Back the truck up, and take a deep breath, Scooter.

Feminists who object to up-skirt drawings of underage female characters are prudes and hate fun.  But dudes who lose their shit over an exceptionally tasteful and, honestly fairly murky, depiction of male genitalia are totally justified.

Grow the fuck up.

If you get to ogle boobs, I get to ogle peen.

Don’t like it, don’t read it.

Oh, I’m sorry, is that your line?

Look, that thing I said on the 500th post about how I thought I’d be done saying this shit by now?

This is exactly what I’m talking about.

The over-sexualization and objectification of women is taken as de riguer, business as usual, just the way things are.  But the sexualization of men gives dudes confused boners and sad feels in their tummies, so we need to stop doing that…

This is what we mean when we talk about fragile masculinity.  Dudes can mock women for having eating disorders and esteem issues after facing a lifetime of airbrushed models, actresses, what have you, but dudes see ONE PANEL OF WANG and the world comes screeching to a fucking halt.

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