Geek Girls Rule! #502 – Harvey Street Kids

Ok, I admit to being a sucker for just about anything related to the old Harvey comics.   Harvey Street Kids is a cartoon based around Little Lotta, Lil’ Audrey and Dot, who they’ve drawn as black, of which I highly approve.

It’s a little young, but super cute.  If you have younger kids, I’m pretty sure they’ll like it.  The animation is adorable, the stories are fairly straightforward cautionary tales about not cheating, being true to yourself, and being kind.

I adore Lotta and always have.  The fact that she’s strong enough to lift an ice cream truck but is secure enough in herself to admit when something scares her is fantastic.

Dot is the smartest of them, in a straightforward sort of nerdy way.  She dresses up as Marie Curie for Halloween, and is their voice of reason the majority of the time, as well as being their resident scientist/gadgeteer.

Audrey I’m a little confused where they got the tough girl attitude, but it’s growing on me.  Not that the Audrey in the comics was a pushover, but it caught me off guard at first.  I do like her, though. She winds up coming up with a lot of harebrained schemes that are a lot of fun, if not the safest, or smartest.

Other characters are great as well.  The first couple of episodes don’t have a whole lot of diversity, but that increases a few in as they realized having two characters of color, Dot and Tiny, was not enough.  More background characters wind up being POC.  Granted, as far as I’ve made it, they have not named any of those characters, apart from Gerald, the new kid on the block.

There are a few sly jokes tucked away here and there for the adults who will, I’m sure, be coerced into watching it with eager kids.  It’s not quite as wink and nod, as say Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, or Tiny Toons, for example, but those little inside jokes only grown ups are likely to get are scattered here and there.

Also, the fact that Gerald is a hipster cracked my shit up.  “I’m from Austland, I’m sure you’ve never heard of it.”  He played a ukulele for goodness’ sake.

While I think most adults will likely be bored by this cartoon, I’m pretty sure it’ll be a hit with younger kids, and Harvey fanatics like yours truly.

I still want to write the comic of them as teenagers in high school.  Granted, in my head canon, Dot was Latina, and Gloria (who does not appear in this cartoon, at least not so far) was black.

Ultimately, I think kids in the 5-8 range would really dig this comic.  It has strong, female characters who save the day, are smart, tough and girly all at the same time.  Audrey is the most tomboy-ish of the three, and she still wears a fair amount of pink. But it’s cute, the writing’s pretty great, and it’s enjoyable.

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