Geek Girls Rule #501 – The Death of a Social Media Network

Today Google announced the demise of G+.

I and an awful lot of people spend a lot of our social media time over on G+ because it is easier to curate who sees your posts and who you see, and it has the benefit of not being as popular as say, Facebook, which is full of family members I keep unfriending for political shit.

It also has the added bonus of being incredibly easy to block people.  Which is kind of awesome. Reporting and blocking people on Facebook can be kind of a pain in the ass.

They’re phasing it out slowly until August 2019, which gives all of us malcontents time to find a new home.  Currently MeWe and Diaspora are in the lead, as well as a fair number of us revisiting old Dreamwidth accounts.

One of the things many of us love about G+ is the fact that we aren’t constantly being bombarded by ads for shit we don’t want, need, or want to see.  We can control who we see in our feeds, instead of, say, Facebook deciding who you need to see for you.  The most aggravating fucking “feature” on that site.

So, the next 10 months are going to be spent with a group of us evaluating choices, and trying to settle on a new home.

I am, as always open to suggestions.

I am mickey.schulz on MeWe, and GeekGirlsRule on pluspora, the G+ refugee Diaspora server.

Quick notes, posts maybe stay shifted to Wednesdays and Fridays until things settle down, and the migraine doc gets the migraines under control for me.  Currently we’re trying less drastic options.

If you like what you read here, or want to help finance the a G+ alternative for progressively minded geek folk of all genders, please consider donating using the link at the top right of the page:  Keep Us Geeking, or checking out my Patreon.  Thank you!

Also, if you’d like to see what sort of fiction I write when left to my own devices, please feel free to check out my fiction Patreon, Nothing Nice Comes Out of My Head.

One thought on “Geek Girls Rule #501 – The Death of a Social Media Network

  1. I’m not super impressed with MeWe yet… I was thinking of trying out Cake, that Felicity’s partner is building. Explicit “No trolls, we give you tools to deal with that” messaging. Also Dreamwidth, if that takes off it’d be cool

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