Geek Girls Rule! #469: Review – Deadpool 2

Sunday we went to see Deadpool 2.

I loved it and totally get why other people didn’t.  There were an awful lot of dick jokes.  Vanessa gets fridged at the beginning.  An awful lot of dick jokes.  TJ what’s his butt, who, while funny, is a terrible human being.

Honestly, I almost didn’t go because he was in it.

He really is that awful.

And Dopinder is a really racist stereotype.

And I think that’s enough spoiler free space.

So, Vanessa’s fridging.  The reason it didn’t bug me like it could have was the self-awareness with which they did it.  The fact that they called themselves out in the credits immediately after her death.  I didn’t get a sense of hipster irony here, but more a, “Yeah, we know it’s stupid and awful, we’re not going to pretend it isn’t, but hang on to see how we fix it.”

Also, Vanessa and Wade’s relationship still really mirrors mine with the Geek Husband What Rules.  Except for the wanting a baby part.  We skipped that.  But yeah…  Still love them together.

Deadpool was more overtly bisexual this time around.  He actively asks Vanessa to peg him in the beginning, instead of the whole looking like he’s not really into it, as in film one.  He’s pretty obviously got the hots for just about every guy he interacts with.  Also, Vanessa’s parting shot him at the end after he tells her not to fuck Elvis: “Don’t fuck Colossus.”

Yes, I said at the end:  He goes back in time to save her, un-fridging her.  Granted, she says that before he saves her, when he meets her in Heaven or the Afterlife for the third time.

He can go back in time to save her because Cable.  Josh Brolin as Cable was fucking perfect.  He did a fantastic job.  Holy shit.  He really is a great actor.

And someone on the script writing crew really has a mad on for Rob Leifeld. From the design of Cable’s pouches looking more like a fanny pack, to the fact that Cable does pull chapstick out of one of them, to the comment about someone looking like they were created by someone who couldn’t draw feet.

The real star of the show, however, was Zazie Beetz as Domino.

Now, I really like the character to begin with.  I was never an X-Force fan, but I’ve read enough that I really like Domino.  Also she was an awesome team up in the new defunct Marvel Heroes MMO.


But Zazie Beetz as Domino steals the fucking show every scene she’s in.  From the opening “interview” for X-force, to seeing her in action.  Just, she’s amazing.  She’s got a great presence for the character, and pretty fantastic comedic timing.  She’s gorgeous and the action sequences were fantastic.  Also, the scene in Dopinder’s cab where Cable and Deadpool are bickering, and she just keeps talking to herself.  “Next time, Uber.”  “I should’ve gone to college.” Also the fact that they cast a black actress and made the patch around her eye lighter with, presumably, vitiligo instead of making her super pale with a darker patch, was pretty rad. And she has natural hair.

The Geek Husband What Rules and I agree, we would LOVE to see “Domino Shivs the Universe” the movie.

Deaths that actually made me squeak in dismay.
Black Tom Cassidy*
Bedlam, mostly because I love Terry Crewes.

Juggernaut is honestly, one of the best takes on the character in the movies so far.  I mean, I love Vinnie Jones, but he really isn’t big enough to be the Juggernaut.  No one is.  So the CGI Juggernaut is perfect.

Now on to some problematic stuff again.  Apart from what I listed above, there’s Deadpool’s continued unwanted groping of Colossus. There’s the thing with Al, where you’re led to believe Deadpool gets her to touch his cock. And there’s the defeat of the Juggernaut which, lets be honest, is rape with an electrical cable.

Also, not enough Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio.

The scenes that thread through the credits are fantastic, though.  He swipes Cable’s time-slider, has Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio fix it, then proceeds to slide around “cleaning up the timeline.”  First thing he does is save Vanessa.  He also kills off the Wolverine: Origins Deadpool.  Thankfully. And a few other things I won’t give away.

Overall, I enjoyed it.  I laughed through most of it.  But, be warned there are a lot of problematic things in the movie, see above.

Zazie Beetz is a goddess.

That is all.

*Yes, he’s a horrible, horrible villain in a lot of the comics.  But I have a soft spot for the character. I’m not sure why.

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