Geek Girls Rule! #460 – What Counts as Geeky?

One of the problems I have doing this blog is that I often don’t realize that several of my interests are actually geeky.  I mean, yes, comics, the MCU, gaming (video and roleplaying), being into SF/F, and a little bit being into Horror.  But periodically I’m surprised when people tell me something else I like is geeky, or when I come to that realization on my own.  Or that something that isn’t typically considered geeky becomes geeky when you develop a ridiculous obsession with it.

I hate to tell you this, Fantasy Football Nerds, but you’re pretty fucking geeky.  As the Geek Husband What Rules says, “It’s really just lazier tabletop roleplaying for jocks and jock wannabes.”

You have your people who are into music, and then you have Music Geeks.  You know, the person who can not only tell you did the song you’re listening to right now, but whether or not it’s a cover, when it was written/recorded, if the artist recording it actually wrote it, and what sorts of effects went into it.  As well as random bits of trivia about people involved in any stage of that song.

There are people who knit, and then there are the people involved in hard core knitting communities like some of those on Ravelry. Not every community is hard core there, but a few get pretty testy. Or people who are super into everything about weird yarn, like the silk and stainless steel yarn from Noro in Japan.  Or looking for obscure fibers to try, like yak.

Make up, oh lord, are there a bunch of make up nerds out there.  And I am not even talking about those of us who squee-ed super hard at the Agent Carter collection from Besame.  I am talking about people who belong to message boards where make up and accessories are traded like Magic or Baseball cards.  The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Trading Post community, where limited edition perfumes are like Pokemon.

There are hockey nerds, plant nerds, cooking nerds, fashion nerds, vinyl nerds, you name it, it has nerds.

Oh, lord, wine nerds.

So, yeah, just because a topic may not be a traditionally nerd subject does not mean it does not have nerds.  Some nerds cover it better in public than others, but they’re still nerds.

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