Geek Girls Rule! #461 – GamerGaters, MRAs, PUAs, and InCels.

“Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.” – Margaret Atwood

Ooookay… So this is a thing I was hoping never to have to talk about again, but some InCel douchecanoe felt the need to run over women in a van because he wasn’t getting any.

On a related note, at one point he pointed his phone at cops like a gun, and was somehow magically arrested alive.  Surprising no one, he’s white.

But back to the topic at hand, these execrable jerk wads I mention in the title.

First, before it starts, yes, “intimacy and affection” is a category in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  What Maslow forgot to mention is that having the right to choose with whom you are intimate and affectionate is pretty fucking important, too.

And I get it. Rejection sucks.  A lot. So much. It hurts and I know how hard it is to work yourself up to asking someone out only to have them say no.  Trust me, been there, done that, burned the t-shirt.

But here’s the thing, when that happens to women we don’t shoot people, hit them, set them on fire or run over them with a fucking van.

I need you assholes to take a deep breath and realize that those women you are vilifying because they won’t touch your boner are ALSO people who get to decide with whom they will have sexy times.

Allow me to repeat this for emphasis:  WOMEN ARE ALSO PEOPLE.

See, I don’t think you quite get that.  And I’m not entirely sure where to place the blame.  A lot of people say culture and society, and yeah, that doesn’t help.  But there are a lot of dudes in this culture who have never shot a woman who said no to them.  So it’s not that alone.  Some people blame brain chemistry, upbringing, parental (particularly fatherly) examples.  The lists of things to blame that aren’t the actual dude is endless.

We live in a culture where dudes are constantly told that even if they are an average looking schlub they should be able to do or attain something that will ensure the head cheerleader sucks them off in the back of a hot car.

That thing doesn’t exist.

I want to spell this out.  Many of these assholes have not been what the less cultured of our kind might refer to as “dogfight ugly.”  Oh, I’m sorry, are we only supposed to apply that to women?  Kiss my ass.

Seriously, several of these dudes have physically been attractive.


Emotionally/Mentally however…

See, we can tell when you don’t actually think we’re people.  It’s like this weird sixth sense…

Actually it’s not. It’s called paying attention to what you say, what you do, how you treat us and other women around us.

Trust me, right now there are dudes who are physically less conventionally attractive than you, who have less money, who aren’t as “smooth,” who are getting laid.  Right this instant.  You know what those guys have that you don’t?

Respect for women as people who have autonomy and the right to decide who touches them.

That’s it.

See, you guys are afraid you won’t get laid, or that you won’t get jiggle mechanics in video games anymore, or that you won’t be able to bag a girl as hot as you think you deserve, that one of us will laugh at you.

We’re afraid you’re going to kill us.  Because so many of you have killed so many of us.

And, yet, we still won’t suck your dick.


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