Geek Girls Rule – Flash Update

I’ve been blogging over at the California Chapter of NOW’s blog for a while, which explains some of the slowdown over here.  And today I did something for them that is equally germane to this blog, but I’m not going to repost it in its entirety, so go there and read it.  

Essentially, enough people sent me the link to Limpdick McDouchepants… I mean, “Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech”‘s screed about how girls are getting estrogen all over his SF/F, and gay men are getting their gay-ey gayness… or whatever, all over his SF/F and he’s had enough! 

I think we can all picture Captain Sadpants McDateless, at least his demeanor if not his looks.  He’s the kind of guy who’ll spend half an hour telling a girl why she can’t possibly understand SF/F like him and his giant, genius man-brain, and how all women are gold diggers and whores, then ask her out and wonder why she doesn’t leap at the chance.  I’ve met him, you’ve met him, we all wish we hadn’t. 

Thankfully, these jerks are a minority in SF/F and gaming circles.

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