AmberCon NW!

Ok, so I just posted, but I’m so excited!!! 

For years, because of a conversation between Deborah Donoghue and Ogre, we’ve been joking about running Amber Family Therapy. 

This year, I’m doing it!  And I just got my player list.  This is going to be amazing!!!  I have so many excellent gamers involved!!!  Holy crap, there are not enough exclamation points in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ll be refereeing as the therapist.  This should be a blast.  I’m thinking of advocating booze during. 

The Harry Potter game, in it’s forth year, also looks incredibly promising.  That game’s always fun, but this year we’re full with about a 50/50 spread of new and old players.  I’m pretty excited. 

My first game, Attack of the B-movies, is a little smaller than I’d intended, but I may well just give everyone a fist full of characters and start slaughtering them with horror tropes as quickly as I possibly can. 

Amber Family Therapy, though.  I could not ask for a better bunch of players for that game.  I hope it lives up to and exceeds expectations.

7 thoughts on “AmberCon NW!

  1. Yup. All canon, preferably from the elders, although we do have someone playing Martin. So far I’ve got Julian, Fiona, Corwin, Llewella and Martin.

    I’m so excited, I’m vibrating.

  2. You’re going to make me read those books someday, aren’t you? Only the 2 volumes? (I’ve seen the collected ones a lot at halfprice.)

  3. I enjoy them. You have to look at them as a relic of the time in which they were written, and remember that Zelazny was a man of his times. But I like them. I still haven’t read the second bunch, the Merlin books.

  4. I still haven’t read the second bunch, the Merlin books.
    Ok you’ve had it. I’m calling the inquisition you heretic!

  5. If you expect the Merlin’s cycle to be a less engaging story for you than the Corwin’s cycle, you may be right, but that’s difficult to be sure unless you read it. I agree that some parts are weak, but you might have thrown the baby with the bathwater overall. Among the things you’re missing let me try to bait you with just one: what happens when a Pattern disciple is victim of psychotropic drug? It leads to a delightful intrusion into Alice’s Wonderland in Merlin’s case.

    As an Amber GM I think you should read it, if it was just for the sake of visiting the Chaosian point of view and their ambivalent relationship to Amber.

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