Geek Girls Rule! Flash Update Part the second.

And here I was thinking, “Wow, Marvel and Joe Quesada haven’t done anything to spike my blood presure in weeks!”


Ok, only the Emma Frost costume looks anything like an actual costume worn by any of the characters.  I have totally seen Emma Frost wearing that.  Aside from that, FAIL!!!!!!!

Are we supposed to be ecstatic that Marvel’s increased the range of costumes to other characters since the inital release of their costume line earlier this year?  Since of the 13 costumes, they’re essentially the same four designs in different colors, yeah, not so much on the increased range.  And, as I said above, save for Emma Frost none of these characters has ever worn anything even approximating these costumes. 


Why do Marvel and Joe Quesada hate my blood pressure?

ETA:  In Marvel’s defense, they also have this shirt.  I feel dirty being grateful for crumbs.

2 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! Flash Update Part the second.

  1. Just think what your blood pressure would spike to if the “Girls Rule” T-shirt had used the cover art from Marvel Divas?

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