Emerald City Comic Con

Alas, I won’t be making it due to lack of fundage.  However, Tammy is there all day today selling some of her amazing beading!!!  If you see a big gothy woman in black clothes and swirly eyeliner behind a table with some steampunky looking pins and AMAZING bracelets, go say HI!!!

Geek Girls Rule! #106 – Sorry about the radio silence there.

Wow!  Life has been nuts.  Some good, some bad.  Last Wednesday we had to put the Elderly Cat to sleep.  Ronin was 14, and when he started exhibiting the symptoms of kidney disease we did what we could to make him comfortable and then took him in once he wasn’t.   After going through heroic measures… Read More Geek Girls Rule! #106 – Sorry about the radio silence there.

AmberCon NW!

Ok, so I just posted, but I’m so excited!!!  For years, because of a conversation between Deborah Donoghue and Ogre, we’ve been joking about running Amber Family Therapy.  This year, I’m doing it!  And I just got my player list.  This is going to be amazing!!!  I have so many excellent gamers involved!!!  Holy crap,… Read More AmberCon NW!