Geek Girls Rule! #63.5 – Emerald City Game Fest

Guess who will be running at least one game, and Hosting the Story Games Lounge at Emerald City Game Fest this year?

This girl!

The game fest is a free event on November 15th, please follow the link above for location, directions and all that good stuff. 

I’ll be running a session of The Keep.  And if you think you know the plot because you read my earlier post on it, you are WRONG!  It’s different every time I run it.  So it won’t be werewolves this time.  Neener neener.

If you’re in the Seattle area, or planning on it, come on by, play a game or two, say hi!  I may bring the laptop and record a podcast, as may the Mister, who I believe will also be running a game or two during the day.  And depending on her work schedule, I may be able to coax the GeekMachine into coming out, too.

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