Geek Girls Rule! #123 – Gamestorm 2010 Rocked!

We got back from Gamestorm 2010 an hour or so ago.  A good time was had by all.  Well, all of us.

The Geek Husband What Rules, Lesley and I headed down yesterday morning.  Once we got to the hotel we ran into Matt and Shannon from the Seattle Geekly podcast.  Chatted with them for a bit, and then ran  upstairs to harass Ben Lehmann and my evil twin, Karrin.  There were munchies and some drinking.  Got to see and hug Carl Rigney, my favorite Don’t Rest Your Head GM.  We saw lots of folks, played a few games of Hot Guys Making Out, Ben Lehmann’s new game based on Yaoi.  Since this was, more or less, a playtest, it isn’t available yet, but when it is I strongly encourage you to buy it.  It’s fun, can be played in about half an hour and can be as sweet and innocent or as raunchy and porntastic as you want.

I’ll let you guess which way most of our games went.

I played with Brendan, Pol and Ben.  We had a great time but didn’t quite make it to out and out porn.  Later that night, the Husband What Rules, Pol, Karrin (my evil twin), and I played another game of HGMO, and Ogre and Karrin took it straight to porn in the first round.  And it just… got… worse.  We had a crowd of people watching as the two of them tried to outdo each other with the pornaliciousness, and then celebrated with high fives and fist bumps as the crowd roared with laughter.

Now, I don’t ordinarily game much at gaming conventions.  We game a lot in our everyday life, and going to these conventions means I get to see people I don’t ordinarily get to see.  My Evil Twin lives in Eugene, which is a good five hour drive from Seattle.  So, we only see each other two to four times a year.  Which means, I generally play one or two games, and then spend the rest of the convention either recording things for podcasts,* or drinking and laughing my ass off.

Right now, the Husband What Rules and I have a Marvel FASERIP game on Mondays, a Spirit of the Century game on Thursdays.  I have the Girl Game once a month.  We have Girl Genius Spirit of the Century one to three times a month.  He has a group who play every other Saturday, and a group who are playtesting a new version of Bulldogs! by Brennan Taylor, once or twice a month.

We game a lot.

Now, HE games a lot at conventions.  But unless I’m playtesting something, I generally don’t.

Ok, now that I’ve blathered at you long enough, I’m going to bed.

Oh, the GHWR did get to meet Vincent Baker, but I never actually did.  I did see him across the room a couple of times, but didn’t want to intrude.  The GHWR says Vincent’s awesome and cool, and made of rainbows and ponies…  Not really.  He did say Vincent was a really cool, nice guy.

Bed time.  I’m fading fast.

*It’s coming, I swear.

6 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #123 – Gamestorm 2010 Rocked!

  1. It was excellent to see you and GHWR, even if we didn’t game together this time. GHWR and John “On a miss I’ll tell you what happens and I promise you’re not going to like it” Harper and I had an excellent discussion in the hotel bar.

    Vincent is indeed awesome and cool and nice, and his new game Apocalypse World is really fun, and not just because it includes Sex Moves.

    I hope to see you at Go Play NW, and am looking forward to your next podcast, in whatever order those occur.

  2. Interestingly enough, Vincent Baker is composed chiefly of rainbows and ponies. True story.

    Of course the rainbows swear a ROYGBIV streak and the ponies are sex addicts, but still are rainbows and ponies.

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