Geek Girls Rule! #652 – Happy Easter, Solstice, Zombie God day!

I kind of forgot it was Easter.

See, for decades of my life, Easter happened when we were at Norwescon.

So, yeah, it kind of completely slipped my mind, with Norwescon being canceled.

Anyway, for “Bunny Day” in ACNH, there’s Zipper the Bunny.  He is obviously another animal in a Bunny suit, who hates his job.  When he thinks no one can see him, his head hangs in exhaustion and he just sort of sighs.  But, if he realizes you can see him, he starts his little hopping dance again.

Also, if you sneak up behind him, he yells at you for staring at his back because “there’s nothing to see there.”

You know, apart from the giant zipper running down his back.

Easter morning, Twitter was full of people griping about the creepy Bunny.

ACNH has some serious dark moments, and Zipper is many of them.

Zipper showed up briefly like a week or so ago, and since then players have been inundated with eggs.  Earth eggs, Stone eggs, Air eggs, Wood eggs, Leaf eggs and Water eggs.  So fucking many Water eggs.

You combine them to make things from DIY recipes that Zipper gives you, or that fall from Easter (pastel) striped balloons or wash up on the beach in Easter striped bottles.

You can make a lot of money selling off the Bunny Day themed shit, but you also accumulate so many eggs that eventually I saved them all up and then spent nearly an hour crafting everything to sell it.

Ok, now that I’ve played it a bit I have more things to talk about.

1. You can MOVE YOUR HOUSE!!!!!  I love this.  I am so happy.

2. Still no sign of being able to swim or dive, which was my favorite part of Wide World and this makes me sad.

3. The ability to sell shit 24/7.  Which, yes.  Because in the past I would just wind up surrounding the store with rows of fish and bugs in cages until they opened and you could sell them, because Insomnia.

4. I like the crafting.  This is something they kept from Pocket Camp, and I really like how they’ve integrated it here.

5. They do not give you near enough bells for what a giant pain in the ass it is to catch Mole Crickets.

6. Able Sisters.  I like the fact that the Fitting Room lets you have way more variety in what you can buy.

7.  Fuck tarantulas.

Anyway, I finished all my Bunny Day bullshit, and I’m avoiding the game for the rest of the day until that creepy nightmare rabbit and his stupid eggs are gone.

Right now I’m sitting here with the Enemy of Sleep wadded up against my thigh.  Gonna do some fiction writing, or maybe read for a few hours before bed.

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