Geek Girls Rule! #651 – Pokemon Go! Anyone else notice more Dittos?

So, I’ve been playing Pokemon Go off and on since it went live, and prior to the past week I had managed to catch one, maybe two Dittos over the course of how many years?  Four?

This past week I have captured at least two dittos a day, and Sunday I captured five or six.

Is this weird, or have I been living in some sort of bizarre Ditto-Desert?

I’d also like to applaud Niantic for making the game more accessible to the housebound and quarantined.  We’ve gotten far more critters around here lately.  Plus their occasional specials on Incense and pokeballs, since people aren’t able to get out to spin pokestops.

When we do have to leave the house for prescriptions or pet food, the Geek Husband What Rules makes me go with him so I can sit in the car and Pokemon Go! while he shops.  Also, at this point I am dying for any chance to get out of the house that aren’t going to put me or others at risk.  Sitting in the car feels safe enough.

Also, as a friend over on Pluspora pointed out, while we’re all stuck at home, don’t forget to go out and start your cars and let them run for a bit to keep the batteries charged.

Also notice the things that are happening now that weren’t before.

The quiet with the lack of traffic, the lack of planes. I’m a little afraid of how noisy it’s going to seem once this is over.

Also, Nintendo, good job releasing the new Animal Crossing at the best possible time.  I’ve been using the Martian’s Switch, partly because we’re broke right now (car repairs, whee), but partially because you cannot find them for love nor money.  Well, couldn’t.  They are starting to reappear again online.

When I do pick up my own, I suspect I’ll go for a Switch-lite.  Probably the turquoise one. I cannot imagine owning or playing a game where I would want to detach the ends to use as controllers.  I’m perfectly content to hold it as a unit.

I would also like to state for the record, that I have captured the Mole-Cricket. For only the second time ever.  And the first time doesn’t really count, because a power outage not only inflicted Mr. Resetti on me, but also lost me the stupid Mole-Cricket.

I immediately saved, the minute I donated that fucker to the museum.  I took a picture of my avatar next to the display in the museum.  I have proof I have caught that fucking thing.  Hah!


So, yeah, when I’m not logged into work or writing, I’m catching bugs and fish in Animal Crossing, or catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go!

And resisting the urge to shave my head.  I finally have my hair the shade of blonde I want it to be.  It took nearly a year of regular bleaching to get here.

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