Geek Girls Rule! #644 – DC Comics will be FINE.

Literally, BleedingCool and Comic Book News are the only two places discussing this after the initial splash.

And no matter how often I block Bleeding Cool, they keep showing up on my Google feed when I open the browser.

Seriously.  I keep hitting “NOT THIS PAGE!”

But, there it is.


Now, the rumor mill is buzzing that Joe Quesada will go to DC (well, people go back and forth fairly frequently), Marvel is going to acquire DC, Kevin Feige is the Devil…


And currently Comic Book News and Bleeding Cool are taking shots at each other over this.

Ok, it’s more Comic Book News taking shots, over something they reported just like Bleeding Cool did.  I know they did.  I read their stupid article.

Both sides appear to be citing Van Sciver to refute the other.  Or at least that’s how it looks from outside the fray.  I tried reading further into it, and the vein in the side of my forehead started throbbing.

I cannot even with this.

Jim Lee has come out and said that DC is at no risk of vanishing any time soon.  Warner Brothers has owned them for decades and seen those properties through years where they saw far less popularity than they do currently.  So, yeah, I wouldn’t get my knickers in a wad over this just yet.

So, yeah, not actually a thing.  Everyone take deep breaths, and please quit populating my news feed with this garbage.  Thanks.

Now if I can just get Google to listen when I say, “NO!”

Maybe I need a “SEO Metrics are Stupid” tag for these.

Ok, now I need to go see if I can get the short fiction blog to update.  We’re having some issues that will hopefully be cleared up soon.  The Martian is on the case.

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