Geek Girls Rule! #643 – Everyone’s Least Favorite Holiday…

Cat De-Sharpening Day!  Today (Sunday) was the day I dragged the nail trimmers out and victimized cats.  Moose does something I had never seen a cat do before… He clenches his hind feet into tight little fists that it is really hard to extract claws from to trim them.  Ayla just bit me.

The Enemy of Sleep is totally blasé about De-Sharpening Day.  I usually keep the claw-trimmers next to my bed, and when she’s cuddled up next to me I quietly trim her claws, and she purrs the entire time.

However, now Ayla no longer clicks when she walks.  So, victory.

Dad’s got some issues with his incision site, so may have to go back in sooner than they thought.  Also, while his tumor is benign, it is super aggressive (staying true to type), so he will be starting chemo soon.

Seattle is still a disease zone.  I’ll be working from home off and on next week.  I’ll be in the office Monday for sure, maybe Wed and Fri.  Traffic is amazingly light.

It’s been interesting watching how people react to this COVID-19 thing.  I have my air filter mask that I wear in public.  I should have gotten a picture.  We went to Costco the other night after work to pick up a prescription.  So I’m wearing a black pencil skirt, a black sweater, black tights, black Mary Janes, and my fluffy grey jaguar scarf… and the air filter mask.

My pharmacist asked me if that was for high elevation training.  Because he’s a smart ass.  I told him that if I had to look like a dork, I would look like the coolest dork I could.  Someone else complimented my coordination of the mask with the rest of my outfit.  I unnerved several people, which, secondary objective achieved.  I just changed out the filter in it, so I’m set to go.

I may wind up bussing back and forth this week, and while the buses are pretty much empty, I will be wearing my mask.  Me and my lungs of tissue paper.

I am going to attempt to catch up on more geek media.  Last week I had a three day migraine, so, no screen time for me.  I might actually watch Spider-Man Far From Home.

Or I might watch Into the Spider-verse again.

So, I don’t have any big topics, because life… I think we’re going to try to see Birds of Prey. I’ve heard really good things from people who don’t completely suck, and think girls have cooties.

Seriously, you guys, the new Charlie’s Angels movie deserved so much more than it got.

We’re still watching a lot of Drawfee, and laughing our asses off.  I’m finally catching up on all the SCP podcasts I’ve found.  And on Ologies.  If you haven’t listened to it, Ologies is a podcast that interviews experts on various topics.  I guess the most recent show was a Scatologist.

A poop scientist.

Hee hee hee…

Ok, I should go see if I have the attention span to watch something.

Or possibly work out after digesting ALL THE PIZZA.

Little Caesar’s for the win!

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