Geek Girls Rule! #634 – Miscellaneous Stuff

1. The end of The Mandalorian.  Very satisfying. The two scouts who captured Baby Yoda were clowns.  Giancarlo Esposito was fantastic as the big bad.  The Armorer is my new hero, she was a fucking badass!

2. Re-watch of. Young Justice.  Really, surprisingly good.  I hadn’t seen the entire thing the last time the Geek Husband What Rules watched it. I’m really enjoying it.  The animation’s great, the writing is really great, and the pacing is pretty good.  Granted it suffers from the same thing most comic book properties suffer from:  “I am going to destroy the world because I can!”

You know there has to be a middle ground between “Tragic, humanizing backstory that justifies villainy” and “Because I can.”

Marvel ain’t exactly found it yet, either.

Most of Hollywood is terrible at it in general.

3.  It has taken me more than 30 years, but I finally have a copy of The Vampire Tapestry by Suzie McKee Charnas (Amazon Associate link).  I’m a little afraid to read it, because can it possibly live up to this build up?  I am going to read it, I’ve waited too long not to.

4.  Air purifiers are magic, but I still sound like hell because I’ve been coughing my lungs out.  I was contemplating recording a podcast episode, but I sound terrible.

5. I just rediscovered The Brain Scoop Youtube channel with Emilie Grasile.  I love her.  It’s fantastic.  Do be careful, they do show taxidermy-ing critters and necropsies.  So, those episodes are not for the faint of heart.  But they are also pretty clearly labeled. And there are a LOT of videos that don’t involve overly graphically dead animals. The minerals guy at the Field Museum is hilarious.

6. There are a couple really awesome SCP podcasts out there.  The Exploring Series also talks about game worlds like D&D and Warhammer, as well as the Cthulhu Mythos.  He has a Youtube channel (linked) and  you can find it as a podcast on Himalaya. His podcast is more like in depth discussions of the various SCPs, and other things, taking it to a depth that normal listeners may not investigate.   And The SCP Archives which is dramatic re-enactments of SCP case files and related stories.

They’re both fun and I’m enjoying them, and have already caught up.

Ok, I’d better get to sleep.  More later, I’ll likely do a longer, actual review of Young Justice at some point.  As well as other things I’m catching up on.

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