Geek Girls Rule! #633 – Short Treks

Speaking of short, that is what this post is going to be be.  My laptop tried to install an update or something, and kept crashing. So the Martian was trying to get it to boot for me and it is nearly bedtime.

BUT, while he worked on the laptop, he pulled up several of the Star Trek short episodes on CBS All Access: Short Treks.

They’re cute.

He had me watch four of them while he fiddled with the laptop getting it going for me again.

I can’t remember the name of the first one, but it was Spock’s first day on Captain Pike’s ship, and he and Number One get stuck in an elevator.  It was really cute, and the actor playing Spock does a fantastic Leonard Nimoy impersonation.  As the Martian said, “It is pure fan service.”

Then, we watched “The Trouble with Edward Larkin.”  H. Jon Benjamin plays the titular Edward Larkin, in the first role I have ever seen him in physically. Lynne Lucero of Pike’s crew is made Captain of her own Science Ship, and inherits one Edward Larkin, Protein Biologist.  He has discovered that Tribbles are nothing but meat under all that fuzz, and they can be grown as a food source for this planet experiencing famine, the only drawback is that it takes them a long time to reproduce, but he can “fix that.”.  When Captain Lucero tells him, that she thinks they should explore other options, he goes ahead and does it.

Yes, Edward Larkin is responsible for every Tribble infestation ever.

Then we watched “Ephraim and Dot,” which was a cute, animated nature documentary about a space-faring tardigrade, her eggs, the Enterprise NCC-1701, and a service robot named Dot.  In the background, while the tardigrade and the robot are scuffling, scenes from classic Trek are being played out behind them.  It’s very Tom & Jerry, and fucking adorable.  It does have a happy ending, even as the Enterprise blows up.

And the last one we watched was “Children of Mars,” which is a very short film of two girls of two different races/species bullying each other, fighting, and then coming together as they realize that their parents are going to die as Mars is attacked.

These are all very short, very well-written, episodes.  I guess most of the first season films are relevant backstories for characters on the new ST series, and the “Children of Mars” clip is relevant to Picard.

They were fun.  I known the Martian curated the ones I saw based on what he knows about the sorts of things I enjoy, so I can’t speak for all of them, but I quite liked the four I saw.

I have not watched Picard yet.  The Martian likes it, so I’ll probably give a go fairly soon.

Ok, it’s bedtime.  I spent all day being a responsible adult, after spending Saturday sick in bed.  We cleaned the bedroom, dusted, vacuumed, put away laundry.  I went through a couple of my drawers and got rid of some clothes.  Super productive.

That’s enough of that.

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